Mexican Cruise Ship Accidents -- Olé!!

Let's break out the tequila shots and gaze at some Mexican cruise ship lawyer porn to get this week off right!

Also, this is a genuinely moving piece on Judge de la O, who got into this judging thing for all the right reasons.

Thank goodness there are folks like Miguel around who are still interested in slogging it out in the state courts so that a modicum of justice can be done for those most in need of it.

Yet for a guy so into technology he stills wears old-school peepers?

(Somebody clue the judge into Google glass -- or at least contacts.)


  1. Except for the fact that no one was fat, that picture is very reminiscent of after-hours at Paragon.

  2. The one. The only. SFL. A+


  3. "This is Pueblo, Mexico and the deposition is about to start"

    What would I do today differently if I had not heard those words uttered by the infamous Mr. Aronfeld.

  4. Aronfeld es muy sauve

  5. Quitate las gafas, Spencer! Ay yay yay!


    [ ]Dark Glasses (polarized)
    [ ] Sun Screen 80
    [ ] Zinc Oxide for nose
    [ ] Dark sneakers, white socks
    [ ] Hoodie for over air conditioned lounges
    [ ] Extra vitamin C for air travel immune system booster
    [ ] 197 Vaccines and boosters
    [ ] Captain's hat
    [ ] Jumble word book for airplane
    [ ] "Snuggles" pillow case
    [ ] Portable water purifier
    [ ] Protein meal replacement bars 3/day, 4 days, plus one snack each day=16.
    [ ] Red Cross blood donor ID card.
    [ ] Travelers Checks.
    [ ] Extra Sunscreen
    [ ] Arm floaties for hotel pool.

  7. The depo was going swimmingly until local counsel Senor Monty Zuma offered Spence a glass of cold water.

  8. Is that how client's want their lawyers to dress for depo? No suit, no tie, now NADA!!! 'Hey client, I am really taking this depo where is my margarita..yayayayayay!'

  9. Wtf is that on Spenser's face?


  10. In his defense, I wouldnt be caught dead in Pueblo wearing designer suits etc. Probably best to have a low profile. Its a recipe for mugging


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