SFL Friday -- Let's Jew This Thing Up!

Boy I leave GW the car keys and look at what has happened to our nice friendly legal blawg -- cross-dressing conservatives and old Wham videos!

I should have never eaten those magic mushrooms we picked at the cow farm in Davie all those years ago (though Pamela Anderson has never looked better).

Enjoy your Friday plebes.


  1. The Rabbi correcting in the background is perfect!

  2. Dad, you knew what you were in for when you gave me the keys!

  3. That cow field was what we now call "Miami Lakes."

  4. Hooray for Jews! I just watched this at my desk [loudly] and the atty in the office next to me asked me to close my door. Yep, that's Mandy Patinkin at the 2 min. mark.


  5. @1:43- too funny.


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