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The Unspeakable

Greetings carbon based lifeforms. Here we are on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Here you are with me, The Worlds's Most Rational Conspiracy Theorist.® Let's get the easy stuff out of the way. 99.9% of alien sitings are complete BS. No self respecting alien would be caught dead on a slum-hole like Earth. We kill our own, what should they expect we'd do to them? Now Sasquatch is completely real, in fact he's my stepfather. But back to that JFK thingy. After decades of reading and research I don't think it really matters who killed John F. Kennedy. When I say that, I mean "who actually pulled the trigger." It's academic. It's irrelevant.

The secret of the JFK assassination is not found in the minutia of grassy knolls and magic bullets, it is found in the macro. Frankly, we can't see the trees for the forest. I'd like to point you all to a book by James Douglass called JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. This book doesn't deal with unprovable theories that are fading quickly with the passage of time. This book deals with the solid history of the United States during the Kennedy Administration. What this book makes clear is that there was a conflict in our nation between a vision of war and a vision of peace that was every bit as hot as the cold war.

JFK was elected as a cold warrior. But when faced with the consequences of nuclear war he desperately sought another way. That way is described here in his June, 1963 commencement address to American University. John Kennedy sought a real and lasting peace. This put him at odds with forces in our defense and intelligence communities. Before reading this book, I was under the impression that our president controlled our military and foreign policy. Now I know that's not quite true.


In the 50 years since JFK's death we have spent untold trillions on weapons of war. Had the vision of peace he describes here been allowed to unfold, what positive goals might we have achieved with those resources? Also, who would be out of a lot of money? It's really that simple.

One of the few requests SFL makes when I blog here is that I'm not to leave you all on a down note on a Friday, so I will be back shortly with some lighthearted fair and some trashy disco. But while this post might be heavy, it doesn't need to be a downer. Nothing can bring JFK back. But the peace and brotherhood that JFK stood for is still within our reach. In fact, it's closer than ever. We are living in the future he was trying to avoid; we are the Pax Americana, the global policemen. But we have no credible opponent. All that is necessary for peace to take hold is for us to drop our paranoia, belligerence and seek a lasting and just peace for ourselves and all the peoples of the world. We can do it.

Then the aliens will be glad to visit.


  1. Just when your posts were getting good, Godwhacker, you pull a stunt like this. I want more trash, please.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, John Lennon wrote a song about this.

  3. Dupes like Garvin and Palin believe Benghazi was a massive government and media conspiracy and cover up but JFK was a lone gunman. Unreal.

  4. Nice writting Whacker!

  5. Phil Ochs

  6. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    Quote by John F. Kennedy

    Andrew Felix

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