Your Russ Adler Update!


First Kimmy and now this, hot off the Florida Supreme Court's state-of-the-art linotype machine:
With regard to the length of the suspension, Respondent asserts that the referee’s recommended sanction of a thirty-day suspension is supported. The Bar argues that a ninety-one-day suspension is appropriate. In light of Respondent’s misconduct in seeking, from his law firm, a letter with false information about his position and financial status, and given his deliberate false statements to the cooperative apartment board, we find that a ninety-one-day suspension is appropriate.
Ok, maybe it's just me but these findings don't seem that terrible -- misleading a NY co-op board about the extent of your financing of the apartment, claiming to own 20% of RRA, not getting lawyer signatures on client settlement statements -- I'm not saying you should get a free pass for this, but I guess I was expecting more explosive stuff.


  1. as science progresses our past foibles get corrected. this is where this blog should be.

  2. yuck get him off the blog

  3. why not 92 days? florida bar's new get tough policy adds one day to suspension. do the math.


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