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Here is Judge Thornton's Lewis/Tein Order Granting Summary Judgment!

For those of you interested in seeing the full order by Judge Thornton granting summary judgment to Guy Lewis and Mike Tein in highly contentious litigation over malpractice claims brought by the Miccosukee Tribe, the entire order is well worth a read and it is here.

Congrats to Paul Calli (artist's illustration above).


  1. Congratulations are due to Paul Calli - Paul has shown that his proven success in criminal cases carries very nicely to civil matters.

    No, I am not Paul, or his family. Just a friend who admires his work.

  2. "Smells like.....victory."

  3. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  4. Wait, this isn't my novel.

  5. "Someday, this war will end..."

  6. Congratulations to a well deserved victory. Paul Calli and A Team fought from day one and never ever let up. The best is yet to come.

  7. This is why Thornton should be a Federal Judge: Smart, hard working, detailed, fair, decisive. The order is extremely well written and bullet proof on appeal.

  8. Calli could be the first lawyer to win the DBR award for criminal (he has already) and civil!!!

  9. Nice to see this "witch hunt" beginning to come to an end. Lewis & Tein deserve a dozen front page articles in the Miami Herald clearing their name - equal to the dozens of smear articles about them.

  10. Tribe lawyers are scattering like cockroaches , I imagine .

    They better run fast . Theyre in for a world of hurt . Isn't Pepe Herrera one of them ? Bye bye ....

  11. Judge Thornton should not have placed his name on this order. First, he grants summary judgment. Alternatively, he dismisses the case for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction. WTF? If you don't have subject-matter jurisdiction, you can't grant summary judgment on the merits. Instead, you'd have to simply dismiss the case. If anything, he should have had Calli write the order in such a way as to state that the court does not have subject-matter jurisdiction and therefore dismisses the case but, alternatively, if the court did have subject-matter jurisdiction, then he would grant summary judgment.

  12. Hahahahahaha.


    And party just starting


    Run far and fast

  13. Here comes the Boom

  14. Tribe lawyer will be disbarred - then sent to prison . Watch ....

  15. Stick to writing press releases for the usao you queen

  16. Thornton will be a federal judge .

    Great order .

    What an ass kicking .


  17. In a decision issued Sunday, one month before a scheduled trial, Thornton wrote: “There is no evidence of fraud. There is no evidence of any damages resulting from any purported bad act.”

  18. Tattoo got his ass kicked.



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