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Live Free or High!

No, this is not another post calling for an end to the failed war on drugs or medical marijuana, though one is sure to come. This is a response to a  challenge made in yesterday's thread to rebuff Glenn Garvin's crybaby, "liberals get away with it all" article. It's all about billing, and Garvin isn't getting any from me, hence the unrelated title.

Suffice it to say that Garvin's piece is one big logical fallacy, specifically cherry picking words said by both sides and then presenting them as if they are equal when in fact they are not. What's different? Intent. Do I have to go all Legally Blond and define mens rea for ya?

Take Alec Baldwin for example. This guy has issues. No one is denying that. But this is also a man who strongly supports gay rights. When he uses a bigoted pejorative he's not attempting to further an agenda that marginalizes a whole group of people. Garvin would have us believe that this is all about some kind of uptight word policing, making sure no one gets politically incorrect. That's not it at all. This is about fundamental equality under the law. Those who support that fundamental equality get more wiggle room to make unfortunate utterances than those who don't.

Speaking of Politically Incorrect, Garvin makes hay on Bill Maher and his use of the word c*nt when describing Sarah Palin. Personally, I'd never use that word to describe her, although I would call her an opportunistic dunce, borderline sociopath, and major league hypocrite. Here we have a woman raising a disabled son, safe with her Fox News millions, who's tea party allies would take the basic necessary support away from families who are struggling to do the same, noble thing. Honestly, I have teenage nieces and nephews with a superior understanding of geography, history, and foreign policy to her, and none of them would have the audacity to believe that they are fit to be president. (yet) That's not a good person.

What if Maher called her a d*ck? Why is calling someone the female sex organ an unfathomable insult, while the male sex organ is a casual, more acceptable slur? Misogyny and homophobia go hand in hand because both lash out at the perception of the feminine.

Words have no substance to themselves. They are merely unutterable abstracts that represent concretes. The concrete foundation of the hard right conservative movement is based on inequality; for homosexuals, for women, for immigrants. When they use slurs against these minorities they do so not just to be impolite or funny, they do so with the intent of stirring up hatred to advance an agenda that is patently harmful to those groups. That is objectively worse than using foul language out of anger or for comedy.

Sexism is more than a specific word or slur. It's policies that demean women, like forcing them to give birth to their rapist's children, or making them pay more for health insurance. Garvin wants us to believe that there is a double standard when in fact we are talking about two separate kinds of wrong.

This video has no relationship to the post, except to say that it's good to be reminded that there is beauty in the world after dealing with such ugliness.


  1. You have been whacked, Sir!

  2. Bashir resigned just like Rush did (not)

  3. Homosexuals and leftists are allowed to make the same slurs that would be a career-ender for those whose opinions are deemed unacceptable by the leftist thought police. Whether a joke is unacceptably offensive depends on some third party's opinion of the mindset of the person making the joke.
    Thanks for confirming the totalitarian mindset of the tolerant, open-minded, modern day leftist.

  4. @3:42

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”
    ― Isaac Asimov

    See you at the ballot box.

  5. Intent goes back to Plato.

  6. Mens rea, mons venus they're all starting to blend together.

  7. I made it quite clear that it's not the language, it's the policies under the language, and the way the language is used to incite that is the core issue here.

    My policy, the policies I advocate, are that everyone should be equal under the law. Even idiotic right wing losers.

  8. Garvin is a douche

  9. Seems to me that they want the inequality because they know they can't compete. And they call themselves "capitalists".

  10. Behold the enlightened liberals who permit the most egregious behavior in their own ranks b/c what counts is not their actions, or the results therefrom, but rather their "good" intentions. So Bill Clinton can't be a misogynist b/c he supports abortion rights. Ted Kennedy was not a drunk-criminal, but rather a liberal lion b/c he championed "good" causes, etc., etc. Remember plebs... Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi.

  11. methinks that last comment sounds like it could have come from garvin...


  12. Phil is too sensitive.....the irish Colombian comment was a joke.

    godflacker, can you write a meaningful post that is one or two paragraphs of ordinary size? Honestly, your incessant rambling reminds me of a high school girl bickering with another and doing all in her power to prove the other wrong to the world.

  13. @8:54

    So what you're saying is that I'm too big? I get that a lot.

    Sorry that it's so hard for you to understand that calling someone names is one thing, and calling someone names AND THEN subverting the legislative process to legally marginalize those individuals is another.

    You don't get to hide in this ambiguity. I know what this is about. As a white and apparently conservative (high and tight) heterosexual male I have walked the racist corridors of conservative society unseen. For Christ's sake, the GOPs own diversity coordinator quit the party because of racism.

    Do you think we didn't notice?

  14. Garvin said there is a double standard. You confirmed it. Thanks.

  15. Huh? Me thinks GW just flew the nest.

    The response was a good start. Remember, be concise. For example:

    Paragraphs 1 - 4:

    Garvin is a schmuck; he twists facts beyond recognition. The same applies to most "Conservatives".

    Paragraph 5 - 7 (the semi-important ones):

    To determine whether somebody really is bigoted as opposed to insensitive, look to their actions, not their words. Republicans are bigoted assholes who will step all over you if given the opportunity.

    Paragraph 8:

    Don't forget that I am still a fruitcake - here is a reminder.

  16. Oh Godwhacker you are so huge.

  17. Ain't nobody got time to spoon feed logic to 19th century mentalities. Besides, I'm making my famous Oreo Cheese Cake, black and white together MFs!

  18. Godehacker

    Semantics and logic are lost on the right, usually. They prefer the bully pulpit over a discussion of the issues.

    One thing I have to take issue with is your using the initials MF) for the pejorative m*****f***ers because I think that the term "bitches" is more appropriate. For example, when Moses was taking the Hebrews out of Egypt, he actually told Pharaoh and his minions "Let my people go, bitches!!" Bitches sounds so much better than MFs. Even putos would have been appropriate. If you don't believe me, ask your rabbi and then check the Midrash.

  19. Sorry. Meant to write Godwhacker.

  20. MF - Malicious Fossils :-)

  21. "Why is calling someone the female sex organ an unfathomable insult, while the male sex organ is a casual, more acceptable slur? Misogyny and homophobia go hand in hand because both lash out at the perception of the feminine."


    Make sure that when your commenters use terms like "mommy judge" they are reminded they are simply lashing out at the feminine target. Criticism is not unwelcome here (obviously) but such deep-based hatred of the feminine identity can only be broken by being intolerant of intolerance. See, Judge Rothenberg's dissent-turned-majority opinion (Fla 3rd DCA)(Noting that women, like men, are capable of taking care of themselves and others.)

  22. Thanks for your remarks 9:50.


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