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Monday Blahs

Good day everyone! If you're like me you spent the weekend feasting on the pleasures of the 21st century world. Like that naked swimming hole in south Georgia, delectability abounds. If you want to do Miami right, try the colossal stone crab plate at Joe's, followed by a moonlight stroll in South Point Park (where there's hardly any homeless any more), and then really kick your rumba into gear with a nightcap or ten at Hoy Como Ayer. Have you been to that place? It really is a time machine (today like yesterday). I halfway expected Ricky Ricardo to take the stage with a 10 piece band at any moment. The quality of acts they have performing there is impressive and some of the finest Miami has to offer.

How can Monday compete with that?

But enough about my indulgences, I'm just relieved to know that there are medical professionals like Pam Bondi there to put me back together after a long weekend of partying.

Wait, what? You didn't know our own Pam Bondi was a doctor? Neither did I until I reviewed her arguments against the proposed medical marijuana amendment at the hearing to determine the constitutionality of ballot language. Bondi was outraged at the idea that doctors could prescribe marijuana for any condition they considered "debilitating," even nominal, nondescript maladies like headaches and insomnia. Has Pam seen what doctors are able to prescribe for those conditions now? Popular sleeping pills like Ambien and Lunesta are linked to increased death rates, addiction, and overdose. Medicines for migraines can be equally harmful.

But there sits marijuana, with a better safety record than 99.9% of the drugs on the market, and Pam Bondi MD is worried about its abuse.



  1. That club is amazing.


    Was that YOU I was dancing with for a brief moment until my date pulled me away?!?!


  3. As with the nuclear weapons that may or may not be present on my ship, I can neither confirm nor deny.


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