Now Hiring!

I am fascinated by the jockeying among the legal elite to win municipal business. And now, for the second time this year, Palmetto Bay is searching for The Best that money can buy, to represent the Village. You can read about it here.

The competition is stiff, however, because Gray Rob attorney John Herin, Jr. has been on the job for a month on an interim basis. So far, no firms have applied. But that won't last, what with the Village paying $185 per hour.

In other news, I spotted Judge Ungaro at last evening's members opening of the Perez Art Museum Miami (#PAMM), which was fabulous because she wore a stunning red dress and very sexy heels, doing nothing to quell my infatuation (#HOTT) because the Museum structure, inside and out is itself a work of art and will undoubtedly instantly be Miami's cultural art hub. PAMM is a world class venue, uniquely Miami, down to the details, designed well and with attitude.

N.B.: Phil Reizenstein is a mensch. But if you know him, like we do, you knew that. (You probably DIDN'T know that like George Carlin, he is an Irish Mensch.)


  1. Right next to PAMM, as you know, is the new Science Museum. We call the whole complex "SPAM".


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