We're Cheeky!

Hi kids and welcome back!

The turkey has (partially) digested, the shopping frenzies have (partially) subsided, and all that is left for you at this exact moment is your red hot glowing device and this blog.

This cheeky cheeky blog:
The cheeky South Florida Lawyers Blog picked up on the decision. One anonymous commentator said, "On the scale of frivolous appeals that baby doesn't register." Another commentator said Jacobs was "fighting a war he cannot win."
Nice story John, and thanks for the plug!

I'll take "cheeky" -- I can work with cheeky.

(It's better than "dumb," for example.)


  1. smart insightful funny AND cheeky

  2. Cheeky? Yes! This blog was and always will be about backsides!

  3. SFL--- Smart insightful funny, cheeky and most of all......CUTE!!!! Muuaaah!

  4. That Pacenti is pretty Cheeky himself, even if he does cover mostly criminal law.

    - Guest Blogger

  5. Dude, this blog writes circles around the dbr....until you let god hacker post, then you move backwards. seriously, one day jp will be calling you for a job. Just wait till they change the publication riles to include blogs.

  6. Ditto 8:12 this is the place for real scoop not rumphole

  7. BREAKING- Murphy decides to release IPHONE that attacked Spencer Arronfeld. Arronfedl in hiding. PANIC.
    More later....

  8. "god hacker" I like that one. But why hack when you can whack?


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