3d DCA Watch -- Time to Warm Up!

Hi kids, due to the chilly weather the bunker has deployed its world-famous, state of the art heating system -- everyone takes turns rubbing their hands on the lukewarm coffee pot.

Works like a charm!

Plus the bunker has authorized all staff to use the newly (1974) refurbished vibrating belt weight loss machines, which collectively can produce a surprising amount of heat:

Especially if everyone works together like in a spinning class:

So don't worry the Florida Legislature has taken care of all of our judiciary's needs.


Online docket notice of a failure to prosecute is not enough:
On April 13, 2012, Courtney’s attorney filed a verified motion to vacate the order of dismissal pursuant to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.540(b)(4), which authorizes a trial court to afford relief to a party when “[a] judgment or decree is void.” Attached to the verified motion was counsel’s affidavit asserting that the notice and order were never served on him or co-counsel. Opposing counsel has not argued to the contrary. The trial court denied the motion on the ground that the availability to counsel of the online docket satisfied the notice requirement.
Attention Millennial lawyers:  the internet evidently has uses beyond MMORPGs and porn.


  1. If there isn't two in those belts, you're doing it wrong!

  2. Where do you come up with this stuff???

  3. Godwhacker - you're SO Gay.

    What are you wearing...

  4. @1:44 it was all that LDS he did as a teen. Mormonism?

    @3:30 it could be two men, two ladies, or one of each. Maybe a trans woman and a trans man.

    After 5, nothing but a smile!


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