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Leave it to Marco Rubio.
Despite widespread local approval in the legal community and a surprising show of support from religious leaders, Miami-Dade Judge William Thomas will not receive a promotion to the federal level with a spot in U.S. District Court for the Southern District. Thomas would have been the first openly gay, black judge in history, but Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has now officially killed that nomination.
Is this is what the GOP calls minority outreach?

With the political self destruction of Chris Christie now all but certain, attention is likely to focus back on conservative darlings like Rubio and I'm sure Hillary Clinton couldn't be happier. Rubio is that kind of conservative who has no real core beliefs but, like Zelig from the classic Woody Alan mockumentary, is expert on make himself appear to be exactly what you expect him to be. That might cut it for rallies amongst the faithful, but it falls apart quickly under closer scrutiny.

Now on a litter note,

If you want to see medical marijuana legalized here in Florida, now is your last chance to act.

All hail Baphomet!

Watch where you point that thing! Moreover, watch where you holster it.

Free trade deals kill jobs, so lets have more of them.

Some tattoos are just wrong.

Utah just created a wonderful jobs program for lawyers.

Lastly, as someone who has been dead before, let me assure you that you can't take it with you and “no one has ever become poor by giving.”

Peace out and party on!


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