BREAKING: Mike Grieco Has Opinions About Justin Bieber!

And they're"insightful!"  And "dynamic!"  And "outspoken!"

Terrence McCoy over at Riptide broke this amazing story.

According to Terrence, this appears to be an email Mike sent out to the media:
Are you a member of the media? Do you care about Justin Bieber? Of course you do. Silly question.
That's where I, Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco, come in. Not only am I a former state prosecutor and defense attorney -- but I'm also available for comment. Right now. Call me. I know I told you last time that I'd only ask once. I was wrong. Whatevs. But, really, last time I'm asking: Let's talk Bieber. (Please.)

--XOXO Michael Grieco
Terrence goes on:
Miami New Times and probably every other media outlet out there has received three -- three -- requests pleading for us to interview Grieco about a situation he has only a tangential relationship with.
Mike -- what are we, chopped liver?

We didn't get a single request -- we'd have certainly lined up a Q&A if we did.

Actually Terrence your story is too good -- I have to just let it ride:
When Justin was arrested earlier this month in Miami Beach," one of Flack Grieco's flacks wrote New Times in a note, "Mr. Grieco was one of the first attorneys to get a call about the case from Bieber's management."

Whoa. Now hold on for just two seconds. Did Greics just say he was one of the first?
Hang on to your hat for this one.

At that point, Grieco thought he was Justin Bieber's attorney. He sent us a breathless message, saying that, yes, though it may be too good to believe, he was available for comment. When the realization he wasn't representing Bieber dawned on him, Team Grieco dispatched one more note.
Writes Flack Grieco's flack:
I recently sent you email about celebrity criminal defense attorney Michael Grieco who is in Miami Beach and available for legal commentary. While following the breaking news information, we mistakenly noted that Mr. Grieco was working with Justin Bieber's attorney Roy Black. We want to make it clear that Mr. Grieco is not working with Mr. Black on the case. Please excuse our error.
To prove he means business Griecs sent over the his press kit to convey the full breadth of his experience, charisma, and ability to look good while unfurling platitudes on camera. For today's chuckle, click here.
Only in Miami, folks, only in Miami.

(many thanks for the Bieber photo, dear tipster!)


  1. Who is Flacks Grieco? I do not believe Mike sent those e-mails.

  2. I personally don't see the problem here.

    And If I can take this moment to ask if anyone has been injured by Justin Bieber or his crew, been spit on, had his house egged. injured in a drag race, or otherwise hurt, please call the special hotline we have, which will be manned by lawyers 24/7

  3. Richard Grieco you see right through me. A night at the Roxbury.

  4. The Biebs is a great American.

  5. Fake Commissioner GriecoJanuary 31, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    To: The Media
    From Commissioner Mike Grieco
    RE: Justin Bieber

    It just so happens that when Mr. Bieber was arrested and his people knew that he was arrested in Miami Beach, they each had only one thought "HIRE THE CELEBRITY LAWYER."

    But as it turns out, I was not available. If you recall, the arrest occurred just days before the State Of Union Address. And while I cannot comment about who I was talking to and why I was not able to speak to Mr. Bieber's people, lets just say there are some things and some people more important than Justin Bieber's DUI case which by the way I could handle with one hand tied behind my ego.

    Thank You.

    Mike Grieco
    Miami Beach City Commissioner
    Renowned Celebrity Lawyer
    Publicity hungry Dofus

  6. Happy Friday, SFL.

  7. Where to start:

    1. Best thing about Grieco is his wife.

    2. At :59, on his son, "Julian is a keeper." Of course he is. It's a child, not a grouper.

    2. At 1:15, "Learned more about life in last 4-5 years than most people do in a lifetime, and I attribute that to being a father." Most of us are parents also.

    3. Miami Beach can be a utopia? First, a utopia is a FICTIONAL, perfect place. And, Miami Beach? Seriously?

    4. …

    Ah, what's the use.


    Seriously, maybe we could get Bieber to join the Ukrainian resistance. Then we could get some actual news in this joke of a media market.

  9. Michael Grieco the motion pictureFebruary 1, 2014 at 4:37 PM

    You've seen the TV Interviews.
    You've downloaded the "Media Packet"
    You've watched the (painful) You Tube Video

    (cue movie announcer voice)

    In a world where celebrities are routinely arrested on Miami Beach, their first phone call is to MIKE GRIECO CELEBRITY LAWYER
    Yes, the movie Mike Grieco Celebrity Lawyer is set for release Spring 2014.

    [Scene Pans to Law Office- we see a sign "Michael Grieco, Esq., Practice Limited to Celebrities]

    Receptionist answers phone: Law offices of Michael Grieco Celebrity Lawyer, how can I help you?

    Camera pans in past receptionist, down hallway, into corner office. Michael Grieco, with his feet up on his desk, is holding both a cell phone and a regular phone

    Grieco into Cell Phone "Listen Julia, I can help you with that. The North Koreans want you to make a celebrity tour to promote Pretty Woman? let me do the contracts"

    Puts down cell phone and talks into regular phone

    "Tom, Tom, Tom, enough with the Scientology OK ? Katie left you over that messhuganah religion and Matt Lauer chewed you up on the Today show. No. If you threaten to hit the guy who did the magazine article on you with a bat, that is a crime. i advise against it. Hang on will ya? I have Julia Roberts on the other line and Lil Wayne is in the waiting room smoking a joint and stinking up the place. It's a madhouse today."

    Michael Grieco, Celebrity Lawyer, with special guest stars, Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, Lil Wayne, Julia Roberts, Tom Arnold, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and many more. Coming to a theatre near you in Spring 2014.

    This movie is not yet rated but a rating of R-A for ridiculous and annoying putx is expected.


    Tick tick tick tick tick....
    Steve Kroft: He represents only celebrities. He used to prosecute celebrities. He is the go-to guy for celebrity representation in America's Celebrity playground: Miami Beach.

    SK: Lets get right to it. You didn't get the Justin Bieber case.

    MG: (laughs) well, all is not what it seems. I was documented one of the first lawyers his representatives called. And I am considering myself a consultant to his lawyers right now.
    SK: so you're saying you're on the team.
    MG: Well you said that not me. But I am involved. Lets just leave it at that for now.
    SK. Fair enough. How does someone become a celebrity lawyer?
    MG. Well, you have to be opinionated, dazzling, controversial....wait...that's my press kit for commentary. Can we cut and re-start? I became a celebrity lawyer when I posted a now famous You Tube video and celebrities started flocking to me. It was actually pretty simple.
    SK: And your Dj'ing?
    MG: That helped. Being in the clubs. Getting street cred. I mean it's all about dressing good these days. The legal ability comes later.
    SK: Can you speak about some of your celebrity cases.
    MG. Actually no. But I Facebook about them and tweet them so you should check those social medial sites.

    SK: After the commercial break- The Celebrity lawyer becomes a city commissioner.

  11. Genuis. Last two are pure genius. Must be spencer's world taking a week off to do something different.

  12. This is no different than Spencer Aronfeld's efforts to publicize his mediocre work - which is promoted here all the time. Give the guy a break. he's just another solo practitioner hustling to make a name.

  13. I agree - Mike is a good guy. I doubt that he sent the e-mails out. Probably has some publicist (like every big law firm and most other smaller ones) that sent the e-mail out without a read.

    So what re the media package? You think that these other TV lawyers don't have the same type of thing?

    Anyhow, guy is talented in the courtroom and smart as a whip. Don't hate too much.

    s/ Not Mike or his family.

  14. I like Mike too -- as you know I have a soft spot for lawyers trying to break in through unconventional means and not afraid to put themselves out there (and take the heat) in order to do it.

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  16. It's been a sad thing that Justin Bieber's successful career, nowadayas, has been paused/stopped because of some reason.

  17. there's online petition about beiber deportation, i feel sad about what's happening to him, he need to change for the good because many teens are idolizing him

  18. i laughed so hard when i saw the picture of justin bieber in a baby suit lol!

  19. They really love justin! haha! I think i saw this one on tv. Like he was mad for something on what the cameraman just said to him.


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