Have You Heard Anything About Club Madonna Lately?

Unless you have been hermetically sealed in a concrete bunker scenically placed next to a major South Florida thoroughfare, you may have heard something about Club Madonna recently.

Well, according to this complaint, filed by our friend Richard Wolfe, the whole dispute is about the jack-booted overreach of a bunch of city functionaries.

Also, what Club Madonna is doing for its patrons is nothing short of life-affirming therapy intended to lift the soul and soothe the psyche so often bruised by the indignities of this cruel world:
Plaintiff believes that providing this form of expressive communication to the public is a beneficial social activity which enhances individual’s ability to assimilate and consider various issues involving sexual candor and the interest in human sexuality that all human beings have to a greater or lesser degree. Plaintiff considers this expression to enhance the appreciation of the human body, with an emphasis on the consideration of popular contemporary concepts of physical attractiveness and the stimulating and entertaining aspects of same, which are clear characteristics of a normal and healthy interest in human sexuality.
Hey I buy it, but will Judge Cooke?


  1. One of the lawyers on the complaint has an email address of "sexlaw@bellsouth.net"


  2. I'd like to point out that SFL's last two music videos posted are Britney Spears and now Madonna. Ergo, I get a pass on my next Wham! video.

    I saw the queen (Madonna) herself on her recent tour and she treated her audience like her bitch,(over 2 hours late) but I forgave her when she stripped for Obama. I'm not sure if it's the exercise or world class "vaginal rejuvenation" but everything was in order.

    And for those who play in my sand box Swinging Richads offers the same life afermations and expressive communications as Club Madonna. But just remember, if the performers ask to "dance" with you it's not real dancing they're talking about.

  3. Love Godwhacker!!

  4. Godwhacker- She was 90 mins late for the show she did up here. When she finally appeared on stage she told the audience, "I'm worth the wait." (However the stadium she was performing in didn't feel the same way--> They charged her a hefty late fee)

  5. I saw her in Atlanta and it was about 2 1/2 hours past starting time when she took finally took the stage. I remember one of my friends saying, "Doesn't she realize her gay fans have adopted African children to get home to?"

  6. Jaime Benjamin is a great, great lawyer. Don't hate on the email because you don't have it.

  7. i hear their "barely legal" is a great show

  8. 6:32

    Perhaps then he should write the lawsuit because it's amateur hour to let your associates quote case law in lieu of properly plead allegations.

  9. 8:16,

    Jaime would smile, shake your hand and have you laughing in a second. Chill, this is a guy that you should not be attacking. Great dude all around and a terrific lawyer.


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