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Oops I Abandoned It Again!

Although I really want to discuss Eliot Spitzer allegedly sucking his topless girlfriend's toes in a hot tub at a resort in Jamaica, I suppose I'll just let everyone know not to abandon arguments on appeal.

Specifically, if a court rules on alternative grounds and you want a reversal, you pretty much have to address all the arguments the first time around:
For all of these reasons, the Sapuppos have abandoned any argument they may have had that the district court erred in its alternative holdings that each of their four claims was inadequate as a matter of Florida law independent of any issue concerning the filed rate doctrine or whether there was a private right of action for insureds against insurers who violate Chapter 2007-1. It follows that the district court’s judgment is due to be affirmed.
Ok, now let's get back to this hot tub story (thanks to all the loyal tipsters who sent it my way):

The NY Post prose is incredible -- it almost reads like a parody of their writing style.

Endless "canoodling," Eliot's infamous "signature black knee socks," the anguished cries of a 10-year boy exclaiming to his parents “He’s sucking on her toes!”

Also according to Post competitor NY Daily News, it may have been entirely untrue.

Turns out it was just good old-fashioned, wholesome hot tub fun!


  1. I'll see your toe sucking and raise you... this.

  2. Spencer's WorldJanuary 10, 2014 at 6:59 AM

    Hot tubs are dangerous pools of slime and bacteria all cooked to just the right temp to give you several rare diseases.

    And feet!! Where do I begin? They touch the dirty, filthy earth we are all doomed to tread during our fleeting days on this planet on which we subsist until some drunk driver plows into us the one day a month we leave our safe house for a few moments.

    Dirty, filthy disgusting feet into the mouth while soaking in some cholera laden hot tub??? Even the NY Post couldn't invent such a nightmare.

    Those who follow Spencer's World know that
    1) never fly in airplanes
    2) Never go to foreign countries
    3) especially Jamaica
    4) Never travel on New Years
    5) never get into a hot tub
    6) never ever canoodle much less have sex- it's so dirty and dangerous.

    And please, as always, if you or a loved one have been seduced into a dangerous sex act and were then injured or killed you might be entitled to a CASH AWARD for pain and suffering. The lawyers of Spencer' s World are always available for a free consultation. And because we care, the consultation can be done with skype from the safety of the safe room of your home.

  3. Need a whole post by Spencer's World!!

  4. I have it from the man that Spencer's World can guest post any time!

  5. In the law, we call that form of appellate waiver "taking a Sappupos."



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