Spaceship Jorden Burt Has "Completed Merger" With Mothership Carlton Fields!

I was going to say "docked the spaceship" but apparently that has an unfortunate connotation (to some).

From CFJB's website:
“This is a very natural match,” Sasso agreed.  “We share a commitment to excellence, highly focused client service, and collegial practice.  Both firms are building upon and augmenting areas of historic strength and entering into strong new markets with even greater resources.”
I wish those two lovebirds much success, mergers are so romantic!


  1. Michael Corleone: "My credit good enough to buy you out?"

    Spencer: "You don't buy me out. I buy you out!"

    Don't mess with SA.

  2. I could suggest looking up "docking" in that same urban dictionary but that would be naughty.

  3. I always thought the term was "space docking" from Urban Dictionary.


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