The Trouble With Tribbles.

This Judge Marra opinion involves The Tribbles.

That is all.


  1. Love that Tjoflat quotation: "Experience teaches that, unless cases are pled clearly and precisely, issues are not joined, discovery is not controlled, the trial court's docket becomes unmanageable, the litigants suffer, and society loses confidence in the court's ability to administer justice."

    I'm all for well-pleaded complaints, and there is much in here that I agree with. But I'm not too persuaded that society's loss of confidence in the justice system is due, in whole or even in part, to shotgun pleadings.

  2. I had a client with last name of Tribble. Every time I did anything on his case, no matter how hard I tried not to, I thought of "The Trouble with Tribbles."
    Probably took me twice as long to work case because I kept looking at Star Trek stuff throughout.

  3. Happy Friday/Weekend, SFL.

  4. My word does that look dangerous!! Are tribbles an increasing problem? Should I add "Tribble Litigation" to my website under "Cases Handled" ??

    What exact trouble does a tribble cause? How much do local tribble damage experts charge?
    Can you keep the tribbles out by huddling in your safe room?

    Spencer needs to know.

  5. Hilarious fake Spencer!

  6. How could he not begin the discussion section with "The trouble with Tribble's complaint is..."?


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