Welcome Back, Plebes!

Hi kids, your gin-soaked, sodden bodies have somehow crawled back in to work, and you are ready to abide by those New Year's resolutions for (almost) a full week!

Here's what you missed while you were off on a two-week holiday bender:

1.  In an acknowledgement that it is a slow, meandering, behind-the-times anachronism, the Herald finally gets around to publishing that stupid David Brooks-smoked-pot-in-college column, which has already been thoroughly trashed by just about anyone with a brain and access to the internet over last few days.

Listen, there are things the Herald does uniquely well.  But running week-old New York Times columns is just not one of them.

2.  This amazing John Pacenti story on a former Paul Hastings partner's battle with the Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club is a must read.  Great job John!

3.  Related to story #2 -- where is Neil when you need him?

(BTW it's also Holocaust Education Week.)


  1. I channel Neil frequently, but then I have to edit and edit...

  2. 3. Screw Neil, Where's Jack T. when you need him?

  3. The Herald is not long for staying in business.

  4. This is the best ad for Holocaust education ever!!!


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