Bye Bye JAMS; Hello Diaz Reus!

Well what do you know -- our favorite blogging ex-3d DCA Chief Judge has moved on from the mega corporate mediation machine known as JAM$ to greener (I hope!) pastures:
“With Judge Ramirez’s addition to our firm, we can offer our clients someone who has unique, hands-on experience at every level of the litigation process, as well as in the alternative dispute resolution arena,” explained Michael Diaz Jr., Managing Partner of Diaz, Reus & Targ.
Ramirez, who served as Chief Judge of the Third District Court of Appeal for three years, said he was excited to join the firm’s international practice, which has developed a trailblazing approach as a law firm of the future.
“The firm is lean and efficient, and its skilled and experienced lawyers use technology and the firm’s international presence to provide their clients with cutting-edge legal services in an age of globalization,” said Ramirez, who himself has led efforts to integrate technology into the appellate court system. “I'm very excited to help strengthen the firm’s presence in the coming years in Miami and throughout Latin America, where I can put to use my language skills and my work on a Ph.D. in Latin American history. Additionally, with Diaz Reus I will be able to add consulting work to my ADR practice.”
Judge -- first thing, ask to take a fact-finding trip to their Dubai and Shanghai offices -- you know, to get a better sense of how to forge "international strategic alliances" of course!

Congrats Judge!!


  1. Bold move. Isn't Diaz Reus being sued in a nasty malpractice overbilling case? Who represents them?

    Hope the good Judge can make this gig work.

  2. Another elusive butterfly?

  3. "Judge" Ramirez will leave that firm in 18 months to hang a shingle on Flagler street. Juan Ramirez, PA.

  4. Judge Ramirez is a lamb being sent to the slaughterhouse called Diaz Reus. Izzy Reyes didn't make it to his first anniversary with Mike Diaz. Judge Ramirez won't last six months.

  5. He's not a judge . These fledgling lawyers should not be called judge. It's pathetic .


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