Kiss Me Putie! Kiss Me Sochi!

When Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov recently said that there were no gay people in his city, I thought for sure he must be wrong. Now after looking at this, I don't know. Gay event planners would never have tolerated this mess! Say whatever you want about us LGBT'ers, but the party planning gene is next to the lip syncing, which is right next to the gay gene. That's why you don't put anyone down. With all the money Putin (or "Putie" as I like to call him, in deep upper crust Boston accent) spent on these Sochi Olympics you'd think he'd want to put his best foot forward, and undoubtedly some of those feet belong to the people he's been kicking around to prove how "man" he is.

Putie really hasn't been at his best lately. He flubbed the fact that we USA'ers legalized the gay with Lawrence v. Texas back in 2003. And now he's holding his totally not gay Olympics in a city named "Sochi" which sounds more like one of those gay bars that I avoid because they're "too gay" than a proper Russian city. Those nipples are really beginning to sag. So are you all ready for some totally not gay male figure skating? I know I am!


  1. Happy Friday/Weekend, SFL, Godwhacker & GB.

  2. Happy weekend all!

  3. GW,

    Have a good weakend, pal. Progress.

    Don't do anything I wouldn't do ....


  4. Thanks for the heads up GB.

    Yes, it's good news. I'm a little more married every day!

  5. Sochi is dangerous. Russia is dangerous. Every olympuc sport is dangerous. I mean you have people on skis shooting rifles for gosh sakes. Hide until it's over


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