Pot is in the Air!

NORMLly this is The Whacker's beat, but the Intrepid One™ has updated us on the lawyer/entrepreneurs who are planning for a green harvest once medical ganja passes in FL:
As Florida prepares for a medical marijuana referendum, lawyers—smelling big profits— are scrambling to start niche practices advising marijuana dispensaries and growers and even open their own businesses.
Miami criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Feiler, past president of the Miami chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, launched Grass Roots Marijuana Florida Inc. this month. He's selling store franchises throughout the state, charging $25,000 for reservations and $75,000 for franchises.
I would love to see one directly next to the Starbucks across from the courthouse -- one stop shopping, so to speak.

Meanwhile, while there is a lot of anecdotal concern over gateways, it turns out completely legal Big Pharma provides the primary gateway to harder drugs:
But for some patients, prescription painkillers can act as an introduction — or a reintroduction — to an opiate high. The pills set off heroin craving in recovering addicts, doctors say, every bit as well as they soothe withdrawal in current users.

Dr. Jason Jerry, an addiction specialist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center, estimates that half of the 200 or so heroin addicts the clinic sees every month started on prescription opiates.
Plus drunk driving is so much worse than Cheech and Chonching it that professionals don't even think we should be testing for driving under the influence of marijuana:
All of these facts lead experts like Dr. Romano and Dr. Kleiman to believe that public resources are better spent combating drunken driving. Stoned driving, they say, is best dealt with by discouraging people from mixing marijuana and alcohol — a combination that is even riskier than alcohol alone — and by policies that minimize marijuana’s risk on the road.
Even Carl Hiaasen says it's time to get on Willie's bus or get out of the way.

But what do these people know?


  1. You can cover my beat anytime SFL, although I would have included a video of the Macca classic Hi Hi Hi.

    Meanwhile if any major Florida newspapers are HIGHering a marijuana connoisseur my services are available! I know my indica from my sativa. 2014? It was a very good year.

  2. Um, what about "pussy, pussy, pussy marijuana?"

    - GB

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISFAPOoefCU

  4. The pussy beat is all yours GB! Write what you know! ;-)

  5. Me, I'm still a Gin Gibson/cigar kind of guy, but I try not to be judgmental.

  6. What about missionary?

  7. Gin and not Scotch SFL? Who do you think you're fooling? ;-)


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