"Rear Window Mirror" With Spencer Aronfeld!

I think it's just amazing that Spence got Brian De Palma to direct this impressive video in his trademark Hitchcockian style!

Note the extended single shot sequence, ala Hitch's Rope (or in De Palma's case, the dazzling 12 minute opening tracking shot in Snake Eyes).

Spence's glasses as always frame his journey, in this case reflected through the prism of a reverse image -- the dominant motif of the rear view mirror.

And his glasses -- always those glasses -- turn around on us as we turn around on them, here defined (and limited) through the triple refraction of that ever-present mirror.  Yet the road beckons just beyond our grasp.

It's as the viewer's perspective is skewed, off in degrees, an image once, twice removed and perhaps inverted still.

Do we know who Spence is?  Do we know who we really are?

The allusions to Rear Window are obvious but in a way intriguing in this context -- just who is watching who?

And much as the audience in Rear Window is confined to the same wheelchair that shackles Jimmy Stewart, so too are we confined to the back seat, a mere traveler, maybe even a voyeur -- but surely not a companion.

In the end, it seems, we are truly alone.


  1. Nobody does it better.


  2. Bravo SFL, one of your best!

  3. Has a very dark quality to it. Foreboding. More Scorsese/Coppolla than De Palma. If you look carefully in the mirror, you will see Tessio's body in the back seat with two of Michael Corleone's henchman about to feed him to the alligators for lunch.

  4. Are we all having fun with the Facebook custom gender options?

    I'm a queer-identifying bisexual Klingon love-slave!

  5. It's almost like looking at some kind of disjointed, crazed, robot monster lawyer!

    Run! Run for your lives!

  6. We need Spencer's World NOW

  7. Love this post! Where is Spencer's warning about how dangerous it is to drive while filming an artistic movie?

  8. This could be your best post ever. Spencer sounds like a guy trying to make fun of a guy speaking Spanish.

  9. Incredible! Just when I'm certain you are Spencer, you smartly disabuse that notion.

  10. quite embarrassing to our profession, don't you think?

  11. Director: Let's get ready people.
    Key Grip: Spencer ride along. Take one....we're rolling and.....ACTION.

    SA: HOLA Me nombre Spencer Aronfeld abogado

    Director CUT....who put that dog in the CGI running across the street?

    SA: I thought it would lend some reality to the shoot. Make it look more like I was driving.

    Director: Spencer...bubballa....leave the graphics to post production OK? Now listen, I need you to get with it. You're flat. I need some pep.

    SA: I know. Trouble at home, my get up and got up and went so to speak.

    Director. Spency baby, this is the age of Viagra. Ginsing root. A quick tablet and your get up is back up. Let me send you to my doctor. Hal Chung. You know in a urologist you want an Asian. Small hand and small fingers make a big difference.

    SA: Thanks. Now what's my motivation for this scene?

    Director: It's a new day in Miami. You're driving to see a client. A little old lady who was out for a stroll when a gang of drinking fed ex ruffians came driving by in their negligently built ford van which is prone to roll overs. She was walking her puppy Fluffy when the van's driver finished chugging a bottle of Jack and then hit the gas and turned the wheel at sharp angle as he was texting his girlfriend and also watching porn on his ipad. The van rolled and squashed the poor old bag and now you're suing Ford, Fed Ex, Michellin Tires, and Jack Daniels.

    SA: I ...ah.....hmmmm....wow....you won't believe it but my get up and go just got back. Wow. It's really big and hard. YouR recitation of the facts was better then ten doses of Cialis. So I gotta run home and see the missues.

    Director. OK PEOPLE We're on break. TAKE TEN.

    SA: No. Not necessary. Back in five. I'm not a long laster if you get my drift. Just wham bam....

    Director. Got it spencer baby. OK PEOPLE WE'RE DARK FOR FIVE. JUST FIVE.

  12. Brilliant re Spenser's world

  13. Shaking my head....


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