Spencer Aronfeld Goes On Cruise Ships So You Don't Have To!

I've observed enough Spence to know this:  his choice of glassware is a window into his soul.

Here, his smart yet sensible tortoise shell specs scream out:  "I'm coming aboard with my experts and there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Either that or "point me to the buffet!"

(I'm still learning.)


  1. Charles Nelson Reilly back from the dead? Bring back Match Game, please!

  2. You need engineers and experts to figure out that the drunk passenger slipped on the spill from another drunk passenger, while doing the electric slide on a hardwood floor?

  3. ...while being hit on by an off duty Filipino cook/bartender...

  4. ...on a ship that you boarded with a ticket that signed your life away...

  5. ...with a binding arbitration clause...

  6. ...for the Eastern District of Easter Island...

  7. My head just exploded with the potential here.

  8. The phone isn't ringing today, and it's sunny outside. I've got a splendid idea. Hey Jenny, will you come down to the port to film a 12 second video of me talking about cruises? Bring your Droid. And I need the video to be a bit wobbly or my viewers might think it too professional. If that doesn't have clients beating down our door, I don't know what will.

  9. That's the kind of lawyer I want handling my case: One who can't figure out how to turn a phone sideways!


  10. Here are the extremely dangerous conditions seen in this video:
    1) Within the first ten seconds a cab come barreling through the area.
    2) At about 13 seconds a forklift driven recklessly is seen over my shoulder.
    3) The two hussie women visible over my right shoulder are not carrying contraception. Plus they've used marijuana before embarking, and will soon be drunk cougars on the prowl.
    4) The man in the white t-shirt visible over my left shoulder is a convicted felon.
    5) The "bird" that comes streaking across the screen above my head at 29 seconds is actually an NSA drone spying on me.

    Stay safe. Stay off the water. Stay away from cruise ships.
    Remember, the my initials SA also mean "stay away"


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