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Spencer Aronfeld: #TBT!

I don't really know what "#TBT" means in the image either but inspired by a plug from Rumpole and desperate to ignore that slight echo, I am pleased to welcome you to the inaugural Friday edition of SouthFloridaLawyers' "WISAT" - What Is Spencer Aronfeld Thinking.

Object of the game: create a caption that perfectly captures Spencer's World in a given image.

Lets get started.

1. "LOW T my ass, sucka!"
2. I guess I'm not an ass man, after all.
3. Oh shit, where did I leave the Viagra.

You get the idea, folks. Have at it.


  1. "There are dangers to too much silicone -- can I slip you my card?"

  2. Third SA post since Tuesday.

  3. Sixth since last Thursday.

    But who's complaining?

  4. If I was an androgynous teenager I'd record one of those "LEAVE SPENCER ALONE" videos!

    Oh, this is too easy. Too much fun!

  5. 1. "Have you or a loved one been injured by rapidly-deploying air bags?"

    2. At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, our clients are so happy with the job we do, they swell up with pride!

    3. I'm totally the tops and separate myself from all of those boobs in my field. [Not an advertisement approved by The Florida Bar.]

  6. At Aronfeld law, we'll climb mountains for you.

  7. "There's more than one way to be an exhibitionist."

  8. "These boobs are bigger than my ego!"

  9. "How can I utilize these gargantuan boobs to bring more unwarranted attention to myself?"

  10. We have a his and hers fee couch

  11. breast feeding since 1969

  12. This shit's getting good

  13. "Hehe, hehehe..."

  14. Conyo, that filter really brings out the best in Spencer. What is that, Hefe?

  15. Yes, I didn't even notice the tits. #ProofGay

  16. Fran Drescher with the miami makeover

  17. It all began when Loui told Spence that he had run down two of the biggest leads in town...

  18. Spencer and his favorite nova lit skills student.

  19. Spencer and his favorite Adorno Zeder yoss no mas associate

  20. Do you know that under Florida law, these qualify as trampolines? They are dangerous, unregulated and must be stopped. Do not ever let you your children play on a trampoline....but if they have, and they were injured...


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