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The Outrageous Cost of Obamacare

Obamacare is here and the outrageous, unbelievable costs are making their way to the consumers. Thankfully, someone is finally taking a stand against this grievous tyranny.
Customers of some Gator's Dockside restaurants in Central Florida are now being charged more to cover worker health care costs. 
A 1 percent surcharge had been added to checks at Gator's Dockside restaurants in Clermont, Eustis, The Villages and Lakeland, informing customers that the cost will cover health insurance that the owners will be required to provide for employees under the Affordable Care Act. 
"We just want to be transparent with that cost.  We want everyone to know this is what its going towards," said Clermont Gator's Dockside General Manager Chayse Neal. "We're not increasing costs just because.  It is a fee that we're paying."
The participating restaurants say without the extra income, they would be forced to cut employee hours.

So what is the price of tyranny? 1%. 1% so that your waitress can see a doctor. 1% so that your cook can get that cough looked at. 1% so that your hostess doesn't have to wear long sleeves to cover that embarrassing eczema.

I'm sure these jokers are trying to make a political point, and they certainly did. How can Papa John afford that third tennis court under economic hardships like this?


  1. Live, right now, Spencer is holding court in front of 368 young lawyers getting a free CLE credit. Please give me a question to type. This opportunity ought not be wasted.

  2. he's actually a great speaker regardless of the youtubes you post

  3. How does he like being a star on this blog?

  4. It was the impeccable Oscar Wilde who said, "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

    But we are kinda mean sometimes.

  5. I would gladly pay .33 on a bill like this, knowing it was going to cover their staff.
    What I would like is an explanation of why an order of chips and salsa is $4.75?

  6. It could be very good salsa. It could be endless salsa.

    But right, what does a 1% increase mater if it's for a decent cause? They could have added a nickel to the price of their beer and no one would have noticed.

  7. There actual tax obviously wasn't raised. I'm pretty sure when we invaded Iraq they added another 20% to cover our increased taxes and specifically added a line stating "bush's adventure for daddy's justice - 20%"

  8. chips and salsa are free at most mexican restaurants.

    of course no one would have noticed if they added a nickel per beer - that's why they did it this way- contrary to what they say, it is a political statement.

    I bet when their rent went up they didn't add a .12 surcharge to everyone's bill and tell them it's to pay rent.

    Never been to one of these restaurants. probably won't go now, cuz don't want to support someone being an a** about it - although I would like to support a place where i know that their employees are being covered.


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