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What a Nice Way to Start a Monday!

This article about an outreach effort by the U.S. Attorney's office and specifically chief Willie Ferrer really warmed my heart this morning:
But Ferrer sees himself and some 240 lawyers in his Southern District office as prosecutors who should do more than just put the bad guys away. He believes his prosecutors should be crusaders who help keep the region’s inner cities safer. And to that end, he has assigned 10 of them to work with community schools, leaders and nonprofits.

“President Obama is the one who asked me to do this job,” Ferrer, a father of two teenage boys, told the Dunbar students last week. “Our job is to protect you.”

Launched in October 2011, Ferrer’s Violence Reduction Partnership focuses on South Florida’s crime-ridden “hot spots.” The program started in Miami’s historic black neighborhood, Overtown, and expanded to Liberty City and Miami Gardens. It now operates in parts of Broward, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties.

For years, drug traffickers have terrorized these communities with deadly gun violence, taking the lives of innocent children who have been victims of drive-by shootings, among other tragedies. Ferrer’s office, working with federal agents and local police, has prosecuted about 90 violent offenders on drug and gun charges, mostly career criminals, over the past two years.

“These kids see a lot of the violence and crime and all the negative things,” Ferrer said after his presentation to the students. “We’re here to show them the positive things.”
This being the intertubes, I'm sure someone is upset somehow about this, but it's hard to argue that point -- it's like being against rainbows or sunshine.

Willie has already made a positive impact on the office in my opinion -- this will further extend and burnish his fast-growing legacy.

Good job fellas.

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  1. re your "labels" for this post....

    its "wifredo"...there is no L, ie not wilfredo.

  2. Thats weaver, stroking his sources at the usao. what a silly puff piece.

  3. Didn't take long for the trolls to appear.

  4. the troll has to get his info somehow.


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