3d DCA Watch -- Working It!

It's either the bright blast of sunshiny cold air or the new group conditioning classes being held in the mechanical room, but something got into the bunker and actually caused them to, you know, issue opinions -- nearly 10 civil orders in a single week!

But first, this:

Ok, let's do the highlights:

Grove Isle Assoc. v. Grove Isle Associates:

I love it when I read who the lawyers are on the appeal, and who they represent, and predict whether they won or not, and guess correctly!

Here it's always smart to bet on Lauri Waldman Ross.

State Farm v. Reyes:

This is yet another offer of judgment opinion in which the appellant was represented by Elizabeth K. Russo.

See, this is easy!

Trans Healthcare v. Creekmore:

The appellee here was represented by former Chief Judge Joel Brown.


(I could do this all day.)


  1. Poor Juan Ramirez ( you figure it out )

  2. That looks like patty seitz on the left and Melanie Damian's grandmother on the right .

  3. Suzanne Somers is a Republican. And I thought she was only pretending to be stupid.


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