Gene Stearns: "The Objective Is Not To Win in Court."

Here's the full quote:
“The objective is not to win in court. The objective is to make peace and move on.”
Ok, here's my theory:
Several decades ago, a sinister corporation hired a secretive, brilliant Asian scientist to conduct testing of a miracle virus at a hidden base buried deep under the Arctic.  The scientist, despondent over the loss of his only daughter at a young age, copied her DNA and injected it into a twin abducted from nearby Inuit tribespeople.  That twin grew up in a duplicate house constructed on a secret level of the base, believing it to be rural Montana.  Then aliens with silver eyes came, Jeri Ryan inexplicably arrived for a few episodes, and mutant infected scientists began to "vector" and attack others by spewing black gunk into their mouths in a semi-sexual seduction process.  Also chimpanzees were somehow involved and heads are cryogenically frozen and buried outside the base.
So that either explains Gene's quote above or the plot of Helix -- I'm not sure which.
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  1. Best.



    Really good.

  2. Aliens and Jeri Ryan? Talk about covering my beat!

  3. fucking brilliant

  4. How the fuck do you come up with this stuff?

  5. @11:46

    SFL is a genius, obviously. A twisted, twisted genius.

  6. Stearns should have let Mary Barzee handle that mess. The outcome may have ended up the same, but the public perception of the client would be much improved.

  7. 2:46, your comment made me think of:


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