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Phony Free Marketeers Mouseketeers!

This may come as a shock to you but this commie, pinko blogger here used to be a libertarian. In my own defense, the Libertarian Party was on board with gay marriage long before Joe Biden made his groundbreaking statement in favor of marriage equality and long before the president himself "evolved." While the Democrats have moved marriage equality forward into their party platform, the Libertarians have quietly been moving their support for marriage equality to the lower dungeons of their web pages, so as not to offend their newfound Glenn Beckish members who are really just pro-corporate Tea Party dregs.

But the bullshit doesn't end there.
Gov. Rick Perry, far from shy in his efforts to reel in jobs from other states — especially California — often declares Texas “wide open for business.” But one company in the Golden State has found Texas decidedly closed: Tesla Motors, which cannot sell its upscale electric cars directly to consumers in Texas because of long-standing state laws protecting and regulating auto dealerships. Now, those restrictions, which rank among the country’s strictest, could harm Texas’ chances of landing the $5 billion lithium-ion battery plant Tesla plans to construct by 2017.
They are for the free market, until it conflicts with their vested corporate interests. And think about it for minute. Unions and trial lawyers are Koch brothers enemies number one and two, depending on the day. These so called freedom advocates are pushing for deregulation at the same time they're pushing for tort reform. Just put those two thing together for a moment and you can see their vision of the future; one wherein we have no regulatory protections and no right to meaningful civil redress in the courts. This is what smart people call "neo-feudalism."

Have a happy weekend everyone. Be kind, and remember that our lives are but a tiny drop in a sea of time. I'll be enjoying my beer and cigars while catching up on my Karl Marx!


  1. What, GW, does Rick Perry have to do with the Libertarian Party?

  2. Same free market circus 11:59, different clown car.

  3. This blog is like the Beatles of blogs. Any of the writers would be good on their own, but together they're just amazing.

  4. Thanks 4:16 but just remember I'm Ringo!

  5. Spencer's WorldMarch 21, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    BREAKING: Iphone that battered Spencer Aronfeld turned down "final plea offer" today. Trial monday. Sure to be a media circus.

  6. GW, if you're Ringo, then that would mean SFL would be Paul--- aka "the cute Beatle."

  7. CP is such a flirt

  8. SFL is definitely the cute one, but he's also the intellectual. That makes him John and Paul all in one. GB, I guess that leaves you as George. No small consolation prize!

  9. Maybe it was a compliment.

  10. This song bring back fond memories of Friday nights down at the local club dancing the night away


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