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Pick the Best "Worst Part" of Justin Bieber's Trainwreck Miami Deposition Video!

Buzzfeed has select clips here -- they are all short but all must watch.

Is it when he yells at the court reporter?  Is it when he calls the lawyer questioning him "Katie Couric"?  Is it when he pretends to fall asleep?  Is it when he warns the lawyer to not ask questions about Selena Gomez?

Extra credit -- how do you think the lawyers did?

(Fun mashup here.)


  1. Unsure if he has ever visited the continent of Australia.

  2. The lawyers are fair game. When he made the vulgar and insulting comment to the court reporter, then the little shit crossed the line.

  3. I agree - I think the plaintiff's lawyers was a bit flat footed, but fortunately for him, the kid just kept making it worse.

    The only thing that may save him at the end of the day is the fact that Paparazzi are so freaking unsympathetic.

    What is the amount of damages the guys is asking for?

  4. Defense lawyers did a terrible job of preparing him. Perhaps he did not give his lawyers enough time, but he could have been prepped to deal better in 15 minutes.

    Plaintiff's lawyer did ok, in what was a hostile setting. But he was getting run over by defense counsel taking breaks anytime beibs blew up.

  5. He strikes me as a defense lawyer nightmare -- uncontrollable, uncoachable, inaccessible and incorrible. Hope the retainer was sizable.

  6. I would play the video for the trial judge and ask for sanctions. Good call on the video, but P lawyer needs to own that room.

  7. “Be a lawyer, man!”

  8. I had a degree of sympathy for the kid. I've done some stupid things in my youth. I've done some stupid things in my 'not so' youth.

    But I was never an idiot like this. What a douche.

  9. Let this be a learning experience for allMarch 10, 2014 at 7:30 PM

    Am I the only attorney watching this and thinking, how would I do things differently if I were deposing Bieber? For starters, I certainly wouldn't argue with him, as the deposing attorney did. You're not going to win that fight. No f'n way. I think you have to keep your cool and ask the questions -- over and over again if you have to until you get an answer. To the extent that Bieber was simply not answering questions at all (it was unclear from these clips how often that was the case), I think that you may have to end the deposition and seek sanctions. I wouldn't necessarily expect Bieber to change his attitude a second time. So I think it's possible that the Court would grant an adverse inference or something.

    But to see the attorney continue to try to jaw with the Biebs -- that's crazy and I wouldn't do it.

  10. douchetastic

    what a little fuck

  11. Fight the power beeotches!

    The biebs intimidated the p atty with those bad ass arm tats.

    Loved the wink, loved the smile, loved the "you sorry piece of can hit me for 5 mil and I won't give two fucks" attitude.

  12. WWGD?

    (What would Grieco do?)

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