"Please Sir Can I Connect This Famous Quote To The Facts of This Case?"

Yes I believe I can:
“Please, sir, I want some more.”

Nine‐year‐old Oliver, in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Ch. 2 (1838).
Now children, watch and learn:
Plaintiff Procaps S.A. (“Procaps”) has filed two discovery motions in which it wants more depositions. In particular, Procaps wants another deposition of defendant Patheon Inc.’s (“Patheon”) 30(b)(6) representative and wants Court approval to exceed the 10‐deposition limit and to compel more depositions. [ECF Nos. 340; 350]. Patheon opposes Procaps’ motions. [ECF No. 375]. Procaps filed an omnibus reply, and, with the Court’s approval, Patheon filed a sur‐reply and Procaps filed a sur‐sur‐reply.

Unlike the fictional Oliver, who was suffering the torture of slow starvation, Procaps has feasted on a healthy discovery diet and cannot be said to be  malnourished for discovery.

BTW an underrated entry in Roman Polanski's film oeuvre is his dark, passionate, and wry take on Oliver Twist, featuring a bravuro performance by Ben Kingsley as the tortured Jew Fagin.

Also highly recommended is Will Eisner's graphic novel reinterpreting Oliver Twist from Fagin's perspective.

Boy, how did we wind up talking about two of my favorite things?


  1. Makers and takers, makers and takers.

  2. How about the "Conclusion" section on the final two pages of the order? "Rhetorical blitzkriegs and verbal muggings"?? Yikes! I used to work with one of the attorneys-of-record on this case. Such comments from the Court come as no surprise to me.

  3. Think they regret consenting yet?


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