Schedule One Dumb

One of the valid arguments that I hear against medical cannabis is that it hasn't been vetted for medical value by standard FDA testing. The primary reason it hasn't been tested is that cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 substance by the U.S. Controlled Substances Act, meaning that it has no known medical use, a high potential for abuse, and a lack of accepted safety. On that last point, the therapeutic use of cannabis dates back in recorded history to 2700 BC, and in the months millennia since then there has been not one reported death. Cannabis researchers in the United States are locked in a stupid catch 22 with federal regulations which claim there is no medical value and then prohibit the very testing that might prove that value.

Thankfully the rest of the world is not so stuck on stupid, and the video here gives a brief overview of some of the exciting work that is being done with cannabis as a cancer treatment abroad.

When I smoked marijuana 'back in my college daze' I always assumed that I was, at the very least, exposing myself to the same type of health risks as those who smoked cigarettes and other tobacco products. But new research into the risks of marijuana shows no elevated cancer risks for moderate users. Might this be because marijuana smokers are getting a hefty dose of cancer killing THC along with the tar and other carcinogens? Proper research could give us an answer.

The Florida Legislature is currently debating a bill that would allow one specific type of marijuana to be used medically to treat individuals with uncontrolled seizure disorders. The version of cannabis nicknamed “Charlotte’s Web” after a Colorado child is high in the  non-euphoric cannabidiol, and low in the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol which gets people high when smoking the plant.

Leave it to our Republican Legislature, but if they can't have fun why should anybody else?

While this is a step in the right direction because it acknowledges that cannabis does in fact have medical value it doesn't go anywhere near far enough because it ignores the growing body of evidence that cannabis can help many different conditions other than the seizure disorders the high cannabidiol cannabis can treat.

The U.S. Congress should move quickly to reclassify marijuana so that medical research can move ahead unhindered. The Florida Legislature should pass the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, S.B. 1250 so that those who suffer from a whole host of disorders can have, under a doctor's direction, access to this promising substance. And of course, every Floridian should go to the polls and vote "Yes on 2" this November.


  1. I am in favor of legalizing everything because the drug laws simply do not work.

    But, don't be an idiot and spout that drugs do no harm, that they are good for you, etc.

    Marijuana users are for the most part completely lazy morons when they are high - that is the truth. Some get high more than others.

  2. 1009 stereotype much? You forgot the munchies.

  3. Yes, all the potheads are highly functioning when stoned....compared to bacteria

  4. I love it when people read things I didn't write. Perhaps they're hallucinating. Too much LDS in the 60s?

    I'll tell Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs and Michael Phelps you send your regards.

  5. These comments show why an intelligent discussion on this topic is so difficult.

  6. @1:07

    Agreed completely. I don't recommend any recreational drugs to anyone. As a bartender, I've dished out many legal hangovers in my day.

    At the very least, pot should be available medically. As a recreational drug it is no more dangerous than alcohol, and less harmful and addictive than that third martini 10:09 pounds down daily.

    I'm for Portuguese style decriminalization for drug users, the regulation of marijuana in a fashion similar to alcohol and for serious penalties on those who sell unprescribed dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin, and oxycodone.

    My positions are well thought, built out of life experiences, and completely reasonable.

    How does that get translated into "Ya, drugs for everyone!"

    Some buffoons deserve a ZERO in reading comprehension.

  7. I am saying drugs for everyone. The drug laws are fucked not because of the inability to stop users - that will never happen, but because of the inability to stop accessibility.

    People who want to use, use. Why waste billions every year trying to prevent drugs from arriving and being sold?

  8. I support compassion for the users. Someone with a drug problem has a health problem. I'm opposed to selling dangerous drugs and I think there should be some penalties for doing so, although our 'mandatory minimums' are completely whacked, and that's coming from a whacker.

  9. Interesting video, thanks GW!

  10. I can't believe you're not covering #cockinasock

  11. I am not covering #cockinasock because I think it's silly. And now I'm going to go back and check through all of the pictures again just to make sure I still feel that way.

  12. Right, being gay for a good cause is less worthy than being gay because you are on fire and shoving it in everybody's face.

  13. WTF is it with all of this "shoving it in our faces" and "shoving it down our throats"? It's like conservative America is preoccupied with gay rape fantasies.

    I don't shove it anywhere. They have to beg for it and they do.

  14. Note to conservatives, don't dream it, live it!

  15. You hit the nail on the head there GW.


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