SFL Friday Digital Dump!

Here are a few random items rattling in my keppe this morning:

1.  The great veteran, who has served tours of duty in many a big law firm, the man himself Richard Brodsky, breaks down the stunning Dewey & Shia LeBoeuf criminal indictments:
Find or develop rain-makers. Have them make rain. Bill the crap out of the files. Ride your associates to bill, bill, bill. (And make sure to judge them only on their "hours." Look the other way when they cheat and put down hours they didn't really incur. Don't pay that much attention to young lawyers who can write and think and have good judgment if their hours don't meet their quota. And never, ever treat them as individual human beings.) Collect a ton of money. Pay the lawyers at the top of the pyramid huge amounts of money. And move on to the next year of that never-ending treadmill. If that's your version of a happy, fulfilling life, and you're not using anyone else's money to achieve this version of bliss, then God bless.
Sound familiar, anyone?

2.  The Intrepid One notices that they just don't make partners like they used to (they just don't make them, period):
“We take the elevations as they come,” said David Whitestone, chair of Holland’s partnership committee. “Some years we have more in one market than another. It just depends on the class of associates and senior counsel at that stage.”

Akerman chairman and CEO Andrew Smulian noted: “The message here is that it is a variable where attorneys are in their career progression. I’d be reluctant to read more into it than that. We are trying to strike a balance in promotions from within and bringing in laterals.”
Ok, I think I understand the message:

3.  In a classic, textbook definition case of a "hold your nose" opinion, the Florida Supreme Court rejects an undocumented immigrant's quest to become a member of the Florida Bar.

From Justice Labarga's concurrence:
I reluctantly concur with the majority decision rendering an otherwise qualified class of applicants ineligible to practice law in Florida simply on the basis of their immigration status, but I do so only because the present state of federal and Florida law compels me to reach such an inequitable conclusion.
4.  Happy Friday:


  1. Is that Mary Barzee!!!

  2. Labarga will be a great chief justice

  3. Va va va voom

  4. Is that Bieber in drag?

  5. She's got bigger balls.

  6. Is koogle putz next?

  7. Happy Friday/Weekend, SFL, GW & GB.

    Hmm, isn't that pic of a young Cybill Shepard?

  8. Wow...great call

  9. 8:44 here,
    I thought so. She use to be a model before she was discovered and made her way to Hollywood. (I know the world of fashion quite well)

  10. Get a room , you two.


  11. Sf and princess sitting in a tree.....

  12. I'm chillin with the missus at Shake Shack before hitting starbucks for a double decafe latte. Come say hi!

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