Somebody Wants to Stop Gay People in Florida from Marrying Each Other!

Boy things were really crazy in the 70s, weren't they?

Besides 714 and snow in Miami, we also had that whole Anita Bryant thing.

If you were around back then you can just thank goodness that times have changed and people have evolved.

Or have they?
“Our primary concern is that if the circuit judge ignores the plain language of the law of the land, then its very possible that all the plaintiffs would go to the clerk of the court and immediately get married,” Stemberger said. “We’re seeking to intervene. If there’s no opposing party, then somebody needs to defend the law.”

Neither Ruvin, nor Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, have said they will defend the 2008 Florida marriage amendment, approved by about 62 percent of voters.

“That’s why we filed the motion,” Staver said. “The clerk is not defending the law. he’s just taken a neutral position. The clerk filed a response that their just performing a ministerial function. The attorney general has not intervened. We felt it was necessary to intervene to defend the law.”
Umm, thank you?

You can read Mathew's intervention motion pending before Judge Zabel here.

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  1. I remember the pie!

  2. The fight over gay marriage isn't over whether or not we'll have gay marriage nationwide. The fight is over which state and lawyers will get to bring the case that finally finishes the issue.



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