The Donald Has Landed.

Oh how the mighty have fallen:  Donald Trump had to somehow work his way into the leaky, moldy, decrepit Broward County courthouse and testify in a failed condo venture lawsuit.

Here's the best part:
Twice during his testimony, Trump borrowed the eyeglasses of Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey Streitfeld to read documents placed in front of him by Beck.

"This has never happened before," Streitfeld said when handing his glasses to the witness.
Big Herman's direct was only ten minutes:
Q.  Have you been to a Heat game?
A.  No.
Q.  I have great seats.
A.   [no response]
Q.  Nothing further, Your Honor.
I'm kidding of course, to me it sounds like the defense is doing a pretty good job, focusing on the sophistication of the investors, the disclosures in the prospectus, and the lack of damages due to the crashed real estate market.

But Elizabeth Lee Beck's cross lasted 90 minutes and it appears she held her own: 
Beck said the language of the contract documents, clearly identifying SB Associates as the developer, would have been unfamiliar to buyers who were lured to the project because of its use of Trump's name. Trump's involvement inflated the cost of the units, Beck said. Trump never conceded her claim, but admitted that he was part of "the development team."
Plus the Judge had the last word:
Later, when Trump was done testifying, Streitfeld drew a laugh from Trump by borrowing his best-known quote to dismiss him from the witness stand.

"You're fired," the judge said. "Sorry; I had to."
I think the Judge is ready to write for the blog!


  1. I will not rest until his hair is declared an endangered species and afforded EPA protection from excessive teasing.

  2. Broward doesn't count.

  3. Direct exam....priceless!

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