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Are You Looking for a Lawyer from Chicago?

It's an origin story!

(These are very popular nowadays.)


  1. what an unmitigated asshole this guy is. He brings his mommy and daddy to a contempt hearing. what a man!

  2. I LOVE Spencer. Ignore the haters

  3. Just like Spiderman but with no Spidey Sense!!!

  4. Can someone please tell the story about the contempt hearing? I find myself wishing it was before Judge Gordon, but I know nothing about it. Do tell...

  5. IT was before Judge Gordan. Instead of bringing counsel he brought Mommy and Daddy/.Like a little kid being called to the deans office. pretty sad. Who would hire this self promoting character?

  6. Nobody gives a shit about your story - they care about results.

  7. he is a weasel. a joke. no one takes him seriously.

  8. what result did he obtain in the missing penis case?

    you lose spense. in every way .

  9. Spencer, his accountant and his financial planner all say hi. Spencer doesnt practice law he practices marketing and each one of the clips gets more clients than all naysayers combined. If he has a difficult case he farms it out or cocounsels with others who do the heavy lifting. Funny how hes all up in your heads to ignite angry replies

  10. A circus clown . Doesn't even know the giggles he provides. Ass clown .

  11. Fl is not the only place the Lawyers are assholes, please share Kyle and Nicoles story, any help would be greatly appreciated, and please contact Paul Ellison for further information, the on going investigations and the cases he has discovered and aired on his radio show almost daily,

  12. Spencer's WorldApril 9, 2014 at 7:10 AM

    I make more money than all of you....combined. I have good, corn fed, midwest sense. True, I was attacked by my Iphone, but that case is now being prosecuted.

    Just remember how many elections Abraham Lincoln lost before he became our greatest trial lawyer and president.

    Gotta go, someone slipped at the Winn Dixie and the Bat Signal is flashing.....

  13. We love Spencer!

    SA fan club meets third Thursday of every Month that ends in R or S or A at the Dennys on US across from UM.

  14. I did want to know about the contempt story. For what purpose did he bring his parents? Was he represented by counsel? Was he referred to the Bar or anything like that? If he markets himself the way he does, prospective clients will want to know these things.

  15. I know Spencer, and I respect him. The contempt hearing was before Judge Gordon (many would consider it a badge of honor to be held in contempt by Gordon). He was represented by now Judge Richard Hersch. His parents were present because there was the real prospect that he was going to jail. In the penis case he lost at trial with the remaining defendant after having previously obtained decent settlements with the co-defendants. Losing at trial is something that sometimes happens to those who actually try cases. Do you know anything about that 7:14? And he is a marketing genius, generating a ton of business.

  16. Thanks for sharing this- good stuff! Keep up the great work, we look forward to reading more from you in the future!  


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