Gay Marriage Paradise

I haven't written on the subject lately and that isn't because there is nothing going on, rather just the opposite. When the walls fall down it seems they come crashing all at once. 

For example:

The lawyer who defended California’s ban on gay marriage in front of theSupreme Court is now helping his daughter plan her wedding to another woman. 
Attorney Charles Cooper said that he found out that his stepdaughter is gay while handling the case for Last year, he argued before the Supreme Court to that gay unions could undermine the marriage between a man and woman. The court ruled to strike down Proposition 8, which, backed by California voters, had banned marriage in the state in 2008.
Supposedly he's 'evolving' and that's great. I highly recommend evolution. It's wonderful that you realize that you were wrong when it affects your own family. But we human beings come equipped with this ability to put ourselves in someone else's position without actually being in it. I don't need to be a black person to know that racism is wrong. I can close my eyes, relax, put myself in that position and feel what it is like. It's called empathy and it results in compassion. It is an underused skill and an underrated talent. It should be taught along with reading, writing, and critical thinking.

We should all use empathy more often. It's so much easier to do things right the first time then to have to go back and correct.

So yes, it's paradise. We (the husband and I) recently received a refund from our first joint tax returns and we've been pumping that money back into the economy. Funny thing, not one store we shopped at asked if it was a windfall from bringing about the downfall of western civilization. I think they were just glad for the business.


  1. Looking at the pic & all that comes to mind is Club Tropicana by Wham.

  2. C'mon, Godwhacker. I think it's great that Chuck Cooper has "evolved" on this issue and we should support it. I understand your point, but still. Frankly, if it weren't for evolving views, I doubt that we'd be seeing the changes in the law that we're seeing now -- nor as quickly.

  3. @7:23

    I think I said that when I wrote, "Supposedly he's 'evolving' and that's great. I highly recommend evolution. "

    In 2008 when I supported Ron Paul his views on gay marriage were exactly the same as Obama's. Thankfully the president evolved. Certainly I evolved too. Otherwise I'd be running around looking like a moron with tea bags tied to my colonial hat.

    But it is better to get it right the first time and that was the point of my little tirade.


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