Justin Bieber Fined For Not Appearing at His Deposition!

As anyone who has seen the video of the deposition he did appear for can attest, The Biebs better keep his checkbook out:
Troubled pop star Justin Bieber was just ordered to pay the Aventura lawyer who represents a photographer suing the singer in Miami-Dade County.

The decision came down just a few minutes ago: Judge Sarah Zabel awarded $7,500 in legal fees to attorney Mark DiCowden because Bieber and his people let him sit and wait in Los Angeles in January.

On Friday, court records show, DiCowden also received a $4,000-check from Bieber for his plane ticket, hotel and meals during the four days.

Bieber was supposed to be deposed by DiCowden in the case brought by Miami Beach shutterbug Jeffery Binion, who claims he was assaulted by bodyguards last June on Bieber’s order.

Bieber, however, missed the court-mandated deposition Jan. 23 — even if he had a good reason for not being there: He was in jail in Miami after being picked up for DUI!

There was no sympathy from Zabel, who ordered the reimbursement.  Bieber showed up for another depo, in Miami this time, on March 6.

Technically, Bieber bodyguard Hugo Hesny, a co-defendant in the lawsuit, is supposed to pay his share of the legal fees because he did show up for the depo — but declined to talk.  A source close to the case says it’s likely that Bieber will absorb the entire $11,500.
It's hard to say which is worse -- having Bieber show up and act like a jackarse, or just having him skip the depo entirely and start cutting checks.

A lawyer's dilemma......


  1. I think taking the $7500 versus having to talk with him is the easy call...but that photo you keep posting where he looks like a Canadian elf is priceless. Second thought maybe I would forego $7500 to ask him about Selena for 3 hours on loop...could parlay that into far more lucrative sanctions.

  2. RE: "Canadian elf"

    -hehe, that is too funny!!

  3. I have never been a big fan of his, but it sounds like he might need to find a good lawyer. I don't see why pop starts seem to turn to illegal activities when they get famous. It is kind of sad to watch them throw their lives away.



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