Question: Do You Get Any News or Information Via the Internet?

If so you'll be happy to know that the 5th DCA thinks the internet is an "other medium" for purposes of Florida's required pre-suit notice when filing a defamation lawsuit.

Not only that, but the statute applies whether you are a fancy newspaper or even a lowly blogger who posts under a pseudonym:
There are many outstanding blogs on particular topics, managed by persons of exceptional expertise, to whom we look for the most immediate information on recent developments and on whom we rely for informed explanations of the meaning of these developments. Other blogs run the gamut of quality of expertise, explanation and evenhanded treatment of their subjects. We are not prepared to say that all blogs and all bloggers would qualify for the protection of section 770.01, Florida Statutes, but we conclude that VanVoorhis’s blog, at issue here, is within the ambit of the statute’s protection as an alternative medium of news and public comment.
Nice job Marc Randazza!

For more analysis and comment on this case, check out Marc's post here. 

Now listen to this (happy Pesach)!


  1. Is it just me or is that decision way, way too long? Discussing court decision after court decision before arriving at an answer is, I have concluded, rarely warranted and one of the worst characteristics of judicial opinions. The better judges are right to avoid the practice.

  2. Why is this slip and fall different from all others....?

  3. Happy Passover SFL!

  4. Jew Direction-- I wonder which member considers them to be the "Harry Styles" of the group.


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