What is going on with Bryan Singer?
As X-Men director Bryan Singer is gearing up for his defense case, which he will have to make in court and in the media, the sexual abuse allegations against him have sent the Days of Future Past marketing campaign into a tailspin. 20th Century Fox and ABC are scrambling to save the promotional campaigns for several of the director/producer’s projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Singer has already cancelled an appearance at a comic book convention this weekend, where he was supposed to promote Days of Future Past and an MPAA-sponsored conference in Washington, D.C., on May 2 at which Vice President Joe Biden will be the featured speaker. 
Who wants to bet that Joe reschedules? The allegations against Bryan Singer are shocking and if true he should suffer the consequences. But as yet they are just allegations. 

I don’t have any facts to offer but I do have a bit of perspective. I too was involved in any number of gay, drug-fueled sex parties in the 90s. Yes, they were fun. Yes, they were just as debaucherous as they sound. They also came in different flavors. The ones I went to were very selective. You had to produce ID to confirm that you were neither too old nor too young. You were also subjected to a full nude body evaluation, as well as other intimate measurements. Then came hours, sometimes days of naked romping with my fellow gay √úbermensch and a good time was had by all. 

Was that seedy by Puritan standards? Damn right it was, but it was also a group of consenting adults participating in private sexual behavior, harming no one. It is very easy for me to believe that there are those who take the abandonment of social norms to more troubling levels. It is certainly salacious to believe that Hollywood is a cesspool where money, power, sex, and drugs intertwine with reckless abandon. Who hasn’t witnessed the Cremation of Care at the foot of Moloch?

But there is another seedy underground world and that is the world of the hustler. Hustlers too come in a variety of flavors. Some are young. Some are too young. Some are victims, but some know exactly what they are doing and are really good at it. Some even come equipped with flawless fake IDs. 

I can conceive of a cohesive reality wherein Bryan Singer knowingly engaged in sex acts with a minor. I can also conceive of a cohesive reality wherein an underage person got into a party where a lot of people were really high, engaged in consensual acts, and now seeks to cash in on the celebrity of his former tryst.

Which is the truth? I truly do not know. 


  1. Every day, a little shumie in the evening
    Doctors orders say
    A little shumie goes a long long way...

  2. Cody is a weird name.
    So is Gunner, Scooter, Matevius, Shaquira, Shaneeka, and Hortencia.

  3. For a real serious defense he should hire the Q. He blends string theory, quantum mechanics, and criminal defense. "i'll find the parallel universe you are innocent in" reads the banner on the Q's website.

  4. The Q are so unreliable, and sooo moody.

  5. You have never really partied until you've partied Bohemian Grove.

  6. With Jeff Herman leading the charge they are right to take this seriously.

  7. Could someone please explain to me the whole "shumie" thing? I don't get it.

  8. You don't explain "shumie" you live it!

  9. More gays raping underage boys...yawn. sound like godflacker should be a priest.

  10. @2:52

    Boys, like women, are way too soft for me. This is what I like.

    You're projecting.

  11. No, seriously. What the heck is a shumie. Inside jokes aren't very good when even regulars to the blog have no idea what you're talking about.


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