We Regret to Inform You of a Brief Spencer Aronfeld Video Shortage.

Please know we are making every effort to rectify this problem.

As a gesture of good will, we offer you this:

Our sincere apologies.


  1. Brillant.


  2. Why can't I click "like" on this? What happened to reality?

  3. A statement.

    For Immediate release.

    The problem with GM cars killing innocent americans has exploded into the front pages. But not for me and my law firm. For years we have warned people about the dangers of cars, driving, roads, walking near roads, tires, rollovers, marshmallows. pretty much you name it and we think it could very well kill and or maim you.

    Our absence from social media is the direct result of the expanding litigation into General Motors murder of thousands of people.

    When you see us in Detroit and the company renamed "Aronfeld Motors" then you will know we are done with them. Until then, if you need a lawyer, please call 1-888- GM hurt-me.

    Thank you.

  4. When he is not posting vids I just follow the chaos on Instagram

  5. 11:28 pm is spot on. Clearly, SFL does not follow Spencer on Instagram. Great stuff on there.


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