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"Anti-Sharia Law Is Now Statewide!"

Of course that's a play on the famous quote from The Omega Man, but in Florida this anti-Sharia thing is somehow on the verge of passing, thanks to our friends at the Christian Family Coalition:
Foreign laws would be banned in Florida courts for certain family-related cases, under a bill the Senate sent to the House on Monday.

The Senate voted 24-14 to approve the proposal (SB 386) by Umatilla Republican Alan Hays, who has pushed various versions of the measure the past few years.

The bill would restrict courts and arbitration tribunals from applying foreign law and legal codes to matters of divorce, alimony, division of marital assets, child support and child custody.

The proposal is more defined than last year’s effort, which got House support but failed to advance in the Senate.
It would be difficult to come up with a more asinine, unnecessary, and retrograde law than this one, but I continue to be surprised and remember -- the session is not yet over.

But then someone said something intelligent:
Sen. Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood, said she opposed the bill because foreign laws have never been implemented in Florida courts or any other state.

Sen. Geraldine Thompson, D-Orlando, added that the bill appears neutral but the perception is that it targets certain religious groups in Florida.

“There are individuals who feel this bill targets them,” Thompson said. “It has caused unnecessary polarization.”
Wink wink:
The bill doesn’t mention Sharia or any other specific foreign law, which Senate staff believes strengthens the measure against legal challenges.

“As religion is not mentioned at all, the court will deem it facially neutral,” the staff review said.
Who you gonna believe -- me or your lying Islamaphobic eyes?


  1. SFL, I was going to do this one if you didn't.

    If you are worried that you are going to be "taken over" by 0.8% of the population you are the definition of stupid.

    It takes a full 1% to rule a nation.

  2. If the Courts of Florida actually ever applied the laws of the Bible, Torah, or Koran you'd be able to murder your spouse and children as a matter of right for all sorts of conduct.

  3. If I enter into a contract whereby the parties agreed the Courts of Florida would use Sharia Law to resolve the matter, has the Legislature just violated my right?

  4. There go the 10 Commandments!

  5. 10:37 -- no. There is no "right" to use whatever law you want to use in a contract. As stupid as this law may be if it ends up a law, I doubt it'd be unconstitutional.

  6. Does this mean The Honorable Gisela Cardonne Ely will NOT be taking over the new Complex Shariah Division? She's been preparing for months.

  7. @1048 comment ever

  8. Happy Friday, SFL, GB & Godwhacker!!

  9. While I agree with Sen. Sobel's point of view, she's wrong about foreign laws never being applied in Florida or elsewhere.

    Every time Florida courts grant a divorce to a couple married overseas, they're applying foreign law to determine whether the couple is married in the first place.

    And what about "choice of law" clauses in contracts when that law is foreign?

  10. So no more getting a "get." Great someone who willingly chose to reside in Umatilla will dictate our lives. Where's the south Florida reps on this ridiculous law?

  11. Why isn't anyone here talking about the judicial elections?

  12. 9:52 pm, because it is against Sharia law. that is why we need this law to be passed.


  14. Geeze. What timing. I just filed three motions to dismiss and cited the Koran as always. Now what will I do?


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