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I Hate Frickin' "Attorney Friends"!

They're so inconsiderate and leave their paraphernalia all over the place!

Case in point:
Broward County assistant state attorney Molena Mompoint is facing a methamphetamine charge after she was pulled over for a traffic stop Monday.

According to Wilton Manors Police, Mompoint was pulled over initially for driving with an expired tag decal, failure to use a turn signal and having a tag that was not registered to the vehicle. The car’s tag decal had expired in July 2012, according to police.

The arrest report stated that an officer asked Mompoint if there was anything illegal inside the car and she said “she did not know, however she previously had some attorney friends in her car that had ‘smoked weed’ and ‘had Molly.’”
What happened to basic lawyer civility?

Wilton Manors Police said they found one clear capsule that contained a powdery substance that tested positive for meth and weighed roughly 0.1 grams. Mompoint was interviewed by police after being read her rights, she again said her “attorney friends left the ‘Molly’ in her car.”
All you lawyers involved in that nice civility project, take note:  you've just been handed a textbook example.

It's just common decency.


  1. Are the attorney friends prosecuting people for possessing the same drugs?

  2. The Broward legal community is the looniest of all.

  3. Not hard to dispose of Molly (or so I've heard).

  4. Happy Friday, SFL!!

  5. I'm confused. Are you saying they shouldn't have left it in the car?
    Cuz a lot of people might think that was very nice of them to leave her a gift as a 'thanks for driving' although gas money is usually more appropriate.
    Or is do you think it was wrong of her to blame her 'attorney' friends?
    I mean, why use the word attorney there? Couldn't she have just said my 'white' friends? or my 'gay' friends?

  6. "attorney friends" makes her less culpable, as the police will obviously assume the worst of those god awful "attorney friends."

    how soon after the stop did she blurt out i am a state attorney?

  7. Well, if the illegal items were left their by her friends, and they are attorneys, surely they will admit their guilt and free this innocent victim of circumstance. Or not

  8. Why do I not believe her. What attorney uses the phrase "attorney friends?" This is a comment used by non-attorneys when they want to show that they have friends who are attorneys that gave them some advice. Not saying that police report is incorrect but there is definitely some exaggeration going on with her statements. I mean really, a prosecutor talking to police after being read her rights. She out of all people know how corrupt the cops are.

  9. To top it off, she will get sent to the drug diversion program and avoid any conviction on her record, avoiding any issues with the Florida Bar and any worries about her law license.

    Yes, she will lose her job with the State Attorney, but she will likely find work with a criminal defense firm in another county at a higher rate of pay.

    I think she gets off pretty light - probation / rehab with no criminal record and being forced to find a better paying job, no expensive defense costs.

    If she had been hit with one of the non-diversion charges (like DUI or other criminal traffic offense) she would have defense costs, Florida Bar issues upon conviction, probation and rehab, DMV costs and hassle losing a license and getting a hardship license), a criminal record, and a permanent impact on employment due to having to admit to a criminal conviction.

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