Losing to Win

One constitutional scholar calls it "absurd" and "desperate," while another says it is "irrational and preposterous."  
That's how they and other critics are characterizing the legal defense Kentucky is offering in support of its ban on gay marriage — that the state has a valid interest in promoting traditionally marriage to maintain its birthrate and a vital economy. A Los Angeles Times editorial columnist wrote that that Kentucky "reached a new low in poorly thought-out reasons for keeping gay and lesbian couples from marrying."  
Some lawyers in Kentucky say the brief filed May 7 at the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is so illogical that they theorized that Gov. Steve Beshear, who previously was friendly to gay rights, may be trying to lose the case while appearing to defend the ban. Beshear hired private lawyers to represent the state after Attorney General Jack Conway declined to appeal a ruling that struck down the state ban.
This might have been a valid argument during the bronze age when human existence was precarious and the survival of the species uncertain. Today our problem is overpopulation.


  1. Is that you in the picture GW?

  2. Nope, he's just a character from my latest cowboy romance novel.

  3. To each his own, I say. And for me, I want those two babes kissing in front of the Israeli flag, not some hunky guy. But hey, that's me.

  4. I love that the dude keeps saying...that gays should be treated like everybody else, then posts pictures of tatted and ringed up cowboy weirdos to show how normal it all is. Why can't gay people be ordinary?

  5. @4:32

    We aim to please all tastes.


    You say weirdo, I say delicious. See how that works?

  6. Gay people cannot be ordinary because they are fabulous.

  7. Yes, but straight or gay, the guy that hangs on in the fishnet shirt with a nip ring and abdomen tat, ain't getting a job at a serious law firm.

    He will be a great waiter though.

    You don't have to act weird to provide an excuse for why you are an outcast. Your sexuality is no longer an issue, nobody cares, and you are now welcome everywhere and will be treated as an equal...as you should be. Congratulations.

  8. @8:16

    You left out how racism is over and women have full equality.

  9. It isn't and they don't, but the normal gays and lesbians are now, sadly for you, distinctly ordinary and unimpressive.

  10. @7:55

    Thanks for making it clear how clueless you are on this issue. We're all good now, right? Absolute equality! We're all ordinary and we've gotten far enough! It's time for the queers to STFU!

    You've had to make what, 10 posts this weekend to point that out? Jesus Christ, you think about gay rights more than I do.

    No one is asking you for your permission. No one is wearing fishnets to a job interview with your crappy law firm. You're a relic Bozo. You don't have a say. Equality is coming and I look forward to the day when my sexual orientation is of no more of an issue than my eye color. I'll be sure to let you know when that is.

    It's not about dressing up or being an outcast. It's about our fundamental rights as individuals to love who we choose.

    The fact that such a proclamation inspires so many nasty remarks from you shows that you are damaged goods.

    Talk about unimpressive.

  11. What nasty remarks? You are the only one whose feathers (if you have any) are ruffled. I agree with you that your sexuality orientation doesn't matter. The conversation has helped me think through an issue that I care about...equal rights for all.

    Your overly emotional responses just prove to me that I am right and that your mind is simply closeted to any serious thought.

  12. @9:45

    I fear my dear that it's evidently clear that you can't see the trees for the forest.

    You're the type of person I was posting about on Saturday. Gay rights, just don't let me have to see it.

    Calling me a bitch? Gay stereotypes galore!

    I have been a Democrat, a Republican, a libertarian, and you could now probably put me along with the Greens. I am the definition of an open mind.

    As for me being emotional that's just another inaccurate stereotype, and another one of your attempts to bring your baggage on me. Sorry, I'm not carrying.

    So we agree? Good. Then it's your turn to STFU.

  13. It takes hard work to work those needles into a riposte -

    Seriously though, I am on your side. We just have a minor disagreement on one small point.

    I think the best way to accomplish the noble end of equal rights for all, is to take a rational view of ever changing realities. While in your face tactics are useful in some areas of the country (and many parts of Florida), they are counter productive in other areas.

    If you are unable to recognize that some times inappropriate behavior can do more to set back the cause, then you are likely to do it damage one day.

  14. What is 'inappropriate' and who gets to decide?

    If you saw me on the street there would be nothing to draw attention to me, except maybe my particularly nice shoes.

    "There are in fact lots of things in life that make people go “ick.” Broccoli, for example, is simply abhorrent to some. But “ick” is never a sound basis for public policy or law. Your own discomfort is just your own issue, and you can’t and shouldn’t make it other people’s problems."

    "Can't" is the operative word there.

  15. There was a time when Elvis was inappropriate. Now it's Miley Cyrus. What was unacceptable 50 years ago now seems pedestrian.

    Cheers to those who push the boundaries, even those who push them too far.

  16. "Good morning and welcome to gay talk. You're on the air"

    "Thank you. Long time listener and first time caller. On one of the local gay blogs- south Florida lawyers - there is a big discussion going on as to what is appropriate. "

    "Why is a gay blog named south Florida lawyers caller?"

    "I've never been able to figure that out but the discussion is 98% gay and 2% law. ... Not that there's anything wrong with that"


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