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Kudos on the extended tracking shot and the Aaron Sorkin-like "walk and talk."


  1. I like the scenery.

  2. The ability of flight is highly overrated. You're a sitting duck up there!

  3. Who knew that you could get an echo chamber effect by just speaking in a conversational tone on Ponce de Leon Blvd? Impressive.

  4. County court is not really "the courthouse."

  5. Is telling people your office is next to a courthouse supposed to suggest some level of competence? Who comes up with these "marketing" ideas? Nevermind, I already know the answer to that.

  6. Haters gotta hate.

  7. I call bullshit. That ad is misleading. That's the Coral Gables Fucking District Court, where you can file a small claims case, pay your parking ticket, and renew your fishing license, but that's about it. Low-brow stuff.

    He's insinuating that he will litigate a personal injury case there, which is horseshit. Actually, his office is inconvenient any nowhere near any of the state or federal courthouses where such cases are litigated. In fact, in morning traffic it's quite a hike.

  8. Is that his soul escaping from his body?

  9. Spencer's WorldMay 6, 2014 at 3:35 PM

    I was going to add my usual pithy comment. But I cannot top 3:20 pm. Well done my friend.

  10. Well he's no shumie that's for sure.

    Go to The Ren and see the difference.

  11. I wonder if he received the proper permits from the FAA to fly that drone...

  12. Where is Jack Thompson and a bar complaint

  13. I would live to see him fly a drone by the fed ct, judge Moreno would personally shoot it down with a stinger missile

  14. What a coincidence. My office is just steps away from Sally Russell's. Not sure it's listed on any forum selection clauses though.

  15. You used to be able to file any state circuit court pleadings at the Coral Gables Courthouse, but now with electronic filing, I'm not sure why location matters.

  16. I have never thought that a lawyers office is the courthouse. I guess technically it isn't, but it probably seems to them that it is. If I were to spend that much time in a courthouse it would probably feel like my home away from home.


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