3d DCA Watch - Odds and Ends Edition

Sometimes you get a mixed bag.

Goicochea v. Lopez
Petition for writ of certiorari granted. Departing from the essential requirements of law and thus subjecting a party to irreparable harm that cannot be remedied on appeal is not cool.

Nobe Bay Holdings v. Garcia, M.D.
Petition for writ of certiorari granted. Ditto.

Sunshine Gasoline v. Biscayne
Motion for clarification granted. This one is so dry it made my head hurt.

Porsche Cars v. Peter Diamond
Class certification reversed.
In analyzing whether common issues will predominate over individual issues, the trial court used an outdated definition of unfair trade practices.
Oh come on, people! Everyone makes mistakes.

N.B. If you live in the Gables, Porsche is a must-read!
The City of Coral Gables experienced a tide of headlight thefts from vehicles of all makes and models that rose in 2002, crested in 2004, and ebbed in 2006. Although headlights were stolen from all makes and models of cars, the rate of headlight thefts from Porsche vehicles was disproportionately higher than the rates of thefts from other cars.
Park your hot rod in the garage!


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