Bom Dia Meus Amores: Everything To You

It's Monday, so let's get this week off to a good start. To do that, we're going to focus on the positive and minimize the negative. As we economize, efficiency is multiplied.

A very happy belated Father's Day to all you dads and to all you single moms pulling double duty.

A very fond farewell to Mr. Casey Kasem, legendary host of ‘America’s Top 40,’  and the original voice to that role model for the slacker generation Norville "Shaggy" Rogers of Scooby-Doo fame. Rest in peace sir and may your afterlife hit #1.

I highly recommend this article by Lina Khan, "Thrown Out of Court, How corporations became people you can't sue."
Two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings—AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion and American Express v. Italian Colors—have deeply undercut these centuries-old public rights, by empowering businesses to avoid any threat of private lawsuits or class actions. The decisions culminate a thirty-year trend during which the judiciary, including initially some prominent liberal jurists, has moved to eliminate courts as a means for ordinary Americans to uphold their rights against companies. The result is a world where corporations can evade accountability and effectively skirt swaths of law, pushing their growing power over their consumers and employees past a tipping point. 
And in today's ideological whiplash episode, Lindsey Graham, one of the Senate’s leading cheerleaders for bombing Iran, on Sunday urged President Obama work with Iran on coordinating their response to the new, scary Muslim boogie-man du jour "ISIS." So if Graham gets his way, we're going to be running air support for the Iranian troops on the ground defending Bagdad. The enemy of my enemy is my friend indeed.

Iran is our ally! Iran is our enemy! We've got to work with them before/after we bomb them. Reminds me of the time I dropped acid in Disney World and walked into the Enchanted Tiki Room; confusion run amok!

Lastly, what's the point of having a fashion forward friend if they can't save you from debacles like this? People are telling you that this is in, that this is cool. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!

No, you wont win your case, but the judge may be compelled to give you a lollipop. Don't go for the consolation prize. Peace out!


  1. RE: may your afterlife hit #1.

    -Well said.

  2. GW, did you really drop acid in the Enchanted Tiki Room? If so that explains a lot.

  3. I hope they paid half-price on those pants.

  4. @9:28

    Yes, and let me say that a group of tourists mindlessly singing along to a chorus of animatronic birds for corporate profits is an apt metaphor for our current politics. "Let's all sing like the birdies sing; tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet" predicted Twitter some 40 years in advance.

    The true price is paid in one's dignity.

  5. Problem is that these men need to be wearing socks. They wear shorts like this in Bermuda but socks are a must.

  6. Shorts with socks? What are you, mad? ;-)

  7. Hey! "Peace Out" is my thing!! :)


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