Does Your Juror Like Funny Kitten Videos?

According to a new opinion by the ABA, everyone's social media musings are now fair game:
The ABA's ethics committee began reviewing the issue about two years ago and concluded in April that looking at Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and other information gathered passively is ethical research.

"It's like any other publicly available information," said Donald Lundberg, an Indianapolis, Indiana, attorney who helped draft the ABA's opinion as an ethics committee member.

Lundberg said one of the thornier issues for the committee was whether lawyers could view LinkedIn and other social media sites that notify members that they have been searched.

Ultimately, the ABA committee decided a LinkedIn search was ethically sound, which runs counter to an opinion issued by the New York City Bar Association in 2010 that said any notice sent to a potential juror about a search amounts to an unauthorized communication.
This seems logical and prudent -- if you put information out there, you have to assume someone besides the NSA is paying attention to it.

But let's be honest about LinkedIn -- what could you possibly learn from a LinkedIn search?

Indeed, what exactly is the point of LinkedIn anyway?

Now everyone go scrub your FB -- you never know who might be lurking (it's probably not your old high school sweetheart).

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  1. Seems wrong to me.

  2. Rumpole is ranting on his blog again about Lebron having the temerity to want to chose what team he plays for - I suspect he will not post my comment, so I turn to this blog so that the issue can be fairly and publicly debated.

    "Rump, why can't you acknowledge that your hatred for Lebron stems from your racist "feeling" that Black NBA players should not be able to chose who they should play for?

    Instead, you believe that Donald Sterling and his lot should be the people who decide these players fates.

    If Lebron goes to NY or LA, I will wish him the best and be satisfied that we had a four-year run with a great human being and player as a representative of our city."

    And yes, because I think this is important, I will post again on SFL if a new post comes up this morning.


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