Welcome To My 11th Circuit PIP Nightmare!

I know I know I need to update my references four decades or so, but that's what guest bloggers are for!

Feast your eyes upon this 11th Circuit recounting of a wild fee dispute involving PIP litigation.

Here's just a taste:
The direct evidence adduced in the Chapter 7 hearing established at least this much: (1) the Kanes acted intentionally in negotiating, structuring, and documenting the Secret Settlement that originally awarded the Stewart Firms no fees and ultimately allocated just over $500,000 to them; (2) the Kanes intentionally excluded the Stewart Firms from the settlement negotiations with Progressive that were conducted on a weekend and in secret; (3) the Kanes acted intentionally in forcing the Stewart Firms out of the Bad Faith Litigation; and (4) the Kanes intentionally implemented the Secret Settlement after forcefully recommending its acceptance to their clients.

Oy what a mess money can make!


  1. It is cool to see such a diverse lawyer blog. I was expecting something a little more formal. It is good to see litigation with personality though.


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