Workin' On Some Mag Moves......

We weren't in love oh no far from it
We weren't searching for some pie in the sky summit
We were just young and restless and needed a quick discovery ruling
Who were we foolin'?
Please be advised that some of our Magistrate Judges have changed locations. Effective immediately, Magistrate Judges Andrea M. Simonton and Jonathan Goodman have relocated from the C. Clyde Atkins Courthouse to the James Lawrence King Federal Justice Building in Miami. Judge Simonton is on the 10th floor of the King Building, and Judge Goodman on the 11th floor. Both of their telephone numbers remain the same. Magistrate Judge Peter R. Palermo's chambers remain in the King Building, but he has relocated from the 10th floor to the 11th floor. His telephone number also remains the same. Finally, Magistrate Judge Alicia O. Valle has relocated from Miami to the Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse. Judge Valle's new chambers are on the 4th floor of the Fort Lauderdale Federal Courthouse and her new telephone number is (954) 769-5750.

These moves have all been completed, and therefore please be sure that you appear for hearings at the correct location.  For a complete directory containing updated addresses and accurate telephone numbers for these Judges, as well as all Judges of the Southern District, please refer to our website


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