You Try Divorcing Scott Rothstein!

It's not easy -- first you have to find him:
Kim Rothstein's lawyer Jamie Morris filed records in Broward Circuit Court last week, detailing some of the hitches encountered in serving the divorce petition on Scott Rothstein. She filed the explanation and a request for more time — which will almost certainly be granted — after a judge scheduled a hearing to dismiss the case because Rothstein wasn't served within the 120 days required by law.

It took a few months to sort out which federal official could even accept service of the divorce papers and pass them on to Rothstein, though it seems that he was served sometime between April 23 and May 9, Morris wrote.

But special security measures at the Bureau of Prisons' Inmate Monitoring Section, which oversees the program, require that all airmail is "held for testing, including radiation testing for security purposes," Morris wrote.

"We are working under a very unique set of circumstances," Morris told the Sun Sentinel on Monday. "Since Mr. Rothstein is being held in an undisclosed location, we have encountered some difficulty."
You'd think the feds would be able to readily confirm their ability to deliver legal process to one of its prisoners, even one being held in an "undisclosed location."

But isn't this a metaphor for their entire marriage?


  1. Just serve him the same way the clawbackers did, or however Val served him for Kitterman. He's hidden, BOP isn't.

  2. Love dat Kimmy. Always have. Always will.

  3. So much for "for better or worse. Richer or poorer. Till death or the BOP do us part. ".

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